Amelie hand update

So I have received several requests to do a “before” and “now” post showing Amelie’s hands. She was barely home 6 weeks before her surgery so it’s hard to remember what her left hand looked like before.

Hand Update 9.8.2011
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Here is how it looked from birth. All 4 fingers on her left hand fused together sort of like a mitten. Little crevices for food to get stuck in and so on. From the day we met her we were amazed at the great use she had of it.

Hand Update 9.8.2011

Here she is playing with stickers a few days ago.

Hand Update 9.8.2011

Hand Update 9.8.2011

Look at the detail work here – the pinkie on her right hand is astoundingly strong.

Hand Update 9.8.2011

“See! See! See!”


I took this last month. She has the pieces of a nesting sock monkey on her fingers. (thanks Tricia!) I think this is one of the best shots of her left hand and how far she can separate her fingers now. Her hands get stronger every day and she continues to amaze us. In truth when we are going about our daily life I hardly ever think of her hands. It takes seeing her drop something due to her fingers being short/not strong enough OR some stranger staring/commenting about her to make me think about it.

  • Jenn Rutherford

    Amazing! Praise the Lord for his goodness in bringing her all the way here to you! They are both so cute I can hardly stand it and tell Nadia I got her thank you note today and loved it! She has now joined the picture collage on our fridge! 🙂

  • Amy

    Gives me such hope!!!! Hug the girls for me!!!!

  • UNBELIEVABLE!! And her mobility has doubled, I’m sure!! Seriously, amazing!