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Mike’s Low T Gingerboy adventure

Louanne on Jan 9th 2012

Head over to Mike’s weight loss blog to hear about his latest adventure in finding out he’s a Low T Gingerboy.

I guarantee you will laugh!

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Batman School

Louanne on May 18th 2011

So I totally had to prepare for this in secret. Planned, printed and laminated while Nadia was asleep and then put everything into hiding until I was sure we had time to complete it. The scream of delight was worth it all :)

Batman School

Click on the photo to see album

This is what we started with and most of the printables came from the 1+1+1=1 site. I picked up an activity book at SuperTarget and some easy readers from the library. Nadia also wanted to wear her Batman PJ’s as much as possible while we worked on this throughout the week.

Batman School Batman School
We did sizing and patterns. Here Nadia had Batman say, “Look how BIG I got!”

Batman School
We put together a Heroes and Villains book. At the end I had a photo of Nadia on the “I am a good guy” page and she was thrilled! I should have video taped her going through the book and then seeing that at the end. Then we used the letter tiles to spell all the words in the book.

Batman School
We practiced writing upper and lower case B’s.

Grammie was over one day so she played a game in the activity book.

Batman School IMG_4242
Nadia glued the heroes on one side and villains on the other. We did a find the letter game where I said letters and she had to find them as fast as possible.

Batman School Batman School
We did more pages out of the activity book and she did a lot of coloring. We also did numbers and a little addition.

Batman School
Are these guys cute or WHAT? I found them on the Toy a Day site.

On the last day I gave Nadia all the stickers from the activity book and she used them to decorate the lapbook. Here is what her lapbook looked like by the end.

Batman School

Batman School

Batman School

Mike read Nadia some of the “Brave and Bold” comics. Plus “My Frozen Valentine” and “Double Trouble” easy readers. We recorded the always campy original Batman from the 60s and let her watch an episode each night. She LOVED it; especially if BatGirl or the Joker were a part of the episode.

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Check out Joyeuse Photography

Louanne on Mar 1st 2011

Hello all. My sister Tahni has launched her photography business and I encourage you to check out her site.

She is doing an Anthropologie gift card giveaway this month that you can see here

She has such a great eye for capturing great moments. Here is one of my favorite photo sessions she has done.

Love you Tahni!

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Mike on May 12th 2010

I’ve created a separate blog to document my journey from a fatty boobalatty to whatever I end up being. :)

Come by and check it out now and then.

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