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First Fruit of the garden

Louanne on Jul 18th 2010


One dwarf cherry tomato. It was yummy! We hope to have a lot more soon, but I was excited about this little dude.

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Square Foot Gardening

Louanne on Jun 19th 2010

Last Saturday I took a class at the rec center and came home ready to plant because it seemed so EASY to actually have a vegetable garden this way. I told Mike all about it and he said he would do everything for me to set it up including drip irrigation. He is so wonderful :)

Mike digging the trench.

SFG - June 2010

SFG - June 2010

The box waiting for sprinklers and weed mat and compost mix.

SFG - June 2010

Drip irrigation run and compost mix in.

SFG - June 2010

We bought starter plants because it was so late in the season. Around the middle of August I will be able to plant some other items.

SFG - June 2010

I am so excited to see what happens. Check out

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