Mike and Louanne currently live in Fort Worth, Texas. They originally set up this blog in 2007 to provide updates and info for friends and family about their first adoption and trip to China. This has continued through two more adoptions, many more trips, homeschooling, and lots of fun. It is still basically done for friends and family.

  • rogerandpaula

    Hey you crazy kids!

    Sounds like everything is going fantastic and that Nadia is quite the character. Sounds like everything has been going very, very well.

    Look forward to seeing the three of you on August 1st.

    Roger and Paula

  • Leslie Yoon

    Hi Louanne and Mike:

    I am a friend of Noni Steffie in Santa Barbara. I got to give her a big congratulory hug Monday morning and shared some tears with her too.

    To say she is excited about meeting Nadia is the understatement of the year.

    Congratulations to you. How blessed is Nadia to have you two as parents and of course to have Stephanie as her grandmother. You will have to come to Santa Barbara so that we can meet!

  • Molly Maloney

    Hi Louanne,
    Your blog is terrific. Thanks for sharing it with the Suichuan group. My husband, Leslie and I wll travel to China in Sept to get our baby girl, Mary Frances. She will be 9 mos old at that time. WE are so excited.

    Your baby girl is beautiful! Thanks again for doing this blog!
    M. Maloney

  • Doug

    My name is Doug Iverson, and I stumbled across your blog. My wife and I adopted a little boy from China in Feb. 08. He was at New Day Foster Home from the summer of 07. We visited NDFH before the Gotcha Day. I watched your videos on You Tube and spotted my son once. I also recognized some of the other children in the video. I enjoyed reading your blog.


  • Britt

    My name is Brittany Miller, Britt for short I just happened to have found your blog and some of your post brought tears to my eyes. I happen to have adopted a little girl from China about a year ago who is precious. Her name is Whitney and she is delight of my life! I loved reading your blog!

  • Liz

    Hey there Louanne!!! Liz (the new girl) from HHM! I LOVE reading all your adoption info. I would love to adopt in the future if I can get hubby on board! I’ll have to pick your brain one day!!! Great to ‘meet’ you! FYI–I’m in Houston, originally from San Antonio 🙂

  • Blake

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