Ariel Cake step by step

Louanne on Jul 4th 2016

First I made the shells out of candy melts.

Then I baked the cake which took 12 cups of batter. Once taking it out of the pan a HUGE portion of it stuck to the pan. So I filled that up with icing.

I tried a new marshmallow fondant recipe. Then tinted it blue and rolled it out.

Iced the cake and the covered it with fondant.

Placed the Ariel icing sheet on and then Mike and I put on the “sand.”

Then I added all the candy shapes. I love how it turned out!

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Pool Party

Louanne on Jul 3rd 2016

At the church silent auction this spring we won a Pool Party and it was scheduled for the beginning of June. We invited some friends and had a great time. Thanks to Barbara and Jeff for donating and hosting such a great time. I didn’t take many photos because I was in the water or chatting :)

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Jun 30th 2016

  • We are thankful that Nonnie is coming to visit today!

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Perot Museum May 2016

Louanne on Jun 25th 2016

I took the girls to the Perot Museum on the last day of May to sneak in one more visit before school let out, then we won’t be back again until September. We wanted to see the parts of the museum we missed on our last visit.

Nadia asked me to take photos of both of these to show Mike because it’s from Jiangxi Province where she and Dani were born.

We had a great time and stopped for a photo with the frogs on the way out!

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