To California April 2015

Louanne on Oct 2nd 2015

In April we took a long and winding road trip to California for my sisters wedding and other adventures. These photos are from Day 1 (16.5 hours in the car) and Day 2 (10.5 hours in the car). I know I have said it before, but our children are “Road Warriors” and such good travelers.

Our first stop was at the Herring Coffee Shop in Vernon, Texas. It had good reviews and was the only place for miles. It was tiny and delicious. And they loved our girls so much that they sent us on down the road with some of their fried pies. Oh my goodness! They were amazing. Dani the foodie gave it a thumbs up, especially the thick cut bacon.

After driving for what felt like forever we made it to New Mexico.

One of many potty breaks.

I tried to work on Dani’s blanket while Mike drove.

Crossed into Arizona and kept heading for Flagstaff. We stayed the night at a Choice Hotel there and tried to get some sleep after such a long day.

Halfway through day 2 they were beat.

The second day was much harder than the first even though it was shorter so we made a really long stop for the girls to get the wiggles out. They had a great time climbing all over these rocks. Then we made our way on to California.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Oct 1st 2015

  • I am so thankful for our church and all the friends we have there.
  • For the plant our church did last month that has been doing great and already moved to a bigger location.
  • For those of us who stayed back at the original church and for all the new members and visitors we have had.
  • For these two groups of people and their desire to reach out in love to the people of our community.

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May 2015

Louanne on Sep 30th 2015

Here are some random photos from May 2015.

Mother’s Day

Ice Cream with Grammie

Taking KFC to Grandma Linda

Nadia lost her 2 front teeth.

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Green Belt Test 5.21.2015

Louanne on Sep 29th 2015

Nadia had the chance to test for her Green Belt on May 21,2015. She worked hard to learn the form she needed and to make her moves look sharp.

You are such a hard worker Nadia!!

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