Perot Museum May 2016

Louanne on Jun 25th 2016

I took the girls to the Perot Museum on the last day of May to sneak in one more visit before school let out, then we won’t be back again until September. We wanted to see the parts of the museum we missed on our last visit.

Nadia asked me to take photos of both of these to show Mike because it’s from Jiangxi Province where she and Dani were born.

We had a great time and stopped for a photo with the frogs on the way out!

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Happy 7th Birthday Amelie!

Louanne on Jun 24th 2016

Happy Birthday Amelie! We love you so much! This has been a good year for you because you have matured more and really found things that you love. The greatest thing that happened to you in the last year is that you learned how to read. I think it changed your life more than anything else I have seen in your 5 years in our family. You have so desperately ┬áneeded to have a way to take in information that isn’t auditory. Every time we have been to the library in the last month you have picked out non-fiction books and you share all the cool facts you learn with us. We also found that you love ALL the performing arts, not just dance. It’s fun to see you bloom in this way.

You love flashy clothes and things that sparkle. You are constantly drawing and painting. You would eat Doritos at every meal if possible. You enjoy mopping the floor and are learning to cook things. Making up games with your sisters is your favorite playtime. You sing all the time. Your best friend is Fiona and it’s great to see you two so happy when you are together.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Jun 23rd 2016

  • I am thankful that we will never need swim diapers ever again.

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Amelie’s 7th birthday party!

Louanne on Jun 21st 2016

We won a party at Lone Star Gymnastics at our church silent auction, so I told Amelie we could use it for her birthday party and she was very excited. It was her, her sisters and 7 friends. The two ladies running the party kept them busy with all kinds of fun games and things to play on. Then we had cake and Amelie opened her presents. They had a great time!!

Lone Star gave this to the birthday girl. So cute! Thanks to everyone who joined us this year!

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