First week of April 2015

Louanne on May 15th 2015

The first week of April was filled with the end of some activities and prepping to go on a giant road trip. I knew the Bluebonnets would be dead before we returned home so we pulled over in the middle of running errands and took a couple photos in a vacant lot near our house. No matching outfits + no fancy hair + crazy faces = perfect.

We also had the last day of Bible Study and Co-op. Dani’s group did a little performance of Bible songs. It was wild and adorable.

We had our end of Co-op dinner and presentations. We hung up art from my class and the geography kids sang songs.

Nadia got some cool gifts from the Eason’s. Rubber bouncy ball kit and a robot kit.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on May 14th 2015

I am thankful that Dani finds comfort by putting her feet on my leg while we eat meals. Attachment in adoption is a big deal.

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Dani’s 3rd Birthday

Louanne on May 12th 2015

Since we already had Dani’s party, on her actual birthday we gave her a couple gifts from us. She had been asking for a “phone” over and over so we got her the Leap Frog phone. She was so excited and the expression of surprise on her face made me laugh.

The girls and I went out to lunch and frozen yogurt with Grammie. Then in the afternoon, Mike set up the pinata in the garage for the girls to crack open. It was really a fun little treat for the sisters.

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Master Burleson

Louanne on May 11th 2015

Click photo above to see entire album.

Nadia had the chance in March to go to a little “training” with Grandmaster Pat Burleson. I wasn’t able to make it, but Mike got a lot of good photos and Nadia really enjoyed it. After that class time they got to watch Nadia’s Master Valdez test for his 7th degree blackbelt. She told me that she had a great time. Here is the video of Master Valdez doing his form which I thought was very cool.

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