Amelie toe check up

Louanne on Feb 10th 2016

Hiding in wait for the doctor.

At the end of October Amelie had her check up at Texas Scottish Rite from her surgery back in July. They wanted to see how the toes were looking and if the nails were growing back. They told us that everything looked good and that will continue to check them at her yearly hand clinic visit.

After the check up we went to get a drink over at 7-11 and the man at the register asked about school and I said she had a check up next door. And he said, “All princesses who go to Scottish Rite get a Slurpee when they are done.” Amelie was SO EXCITED that he gave her a free one.

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Boo at the Zoo 2015

Louanne on Feb 9th 2016

The rain finally let up late on Saturday night, so we were able to go to Boo at the Zoo after dropping my mom at the airport in the morning. We had a fun time collecting candy and checking out the animals. The zoo changed Boo at the Zoo again this year and didn’t have the big area with games for the kids to play. They had performers around the zoo and candy stations.

The big girls wanted to stop collecting candy for a bit and try the shooting gallery in Texas Town. Dani wanted to keep eating candy :)

Information phones inside the Museum of Living Art.

We had another fun time at the zoo. Mike was the overwhelming hit of the day as The Beast!

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More with Nonnie

Louanne on Feb 8th 2016

While Nonnie visited it continued to rain and rain and rain. So they played inside A LOT! Nonnie also took the girls and I shopping for treats.

At the store Dani found me and said, “Nonnie said I could buy dis!”

A visit from Nonnie is not complete without a trip to Target.

We also ate lots of good food while Nonnie was here. We stayed up late talking each night after the girls went to bed. Thanks for coming to visit mom – we love you!

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October 17, 2015

Louanne on Feb 7th 2016

Dani cracks me up in this photo.

We started the day with a Star Wars birthday party for our friend Carter! It was at a park and lots of fun!

Then Nadia made a rainbow loom outfit for her toy rat.

Then Papa and Grandma came to town and they played for hours.

It was a fun day all around :)

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