7 years with Nadia

Louanne on Jul 22nd 2014

I love putting up posts showing the passage of time. So here are all of our photos celebrating Nadia’s Gotcha Day.

Nadia Gotcha 2008

July 22, 2008
Nadia Gotcha 2009

July 2009 – with Lisa and Angelina from our China travel group
Nadia Gotcha 2010

July 22, 2010
Nadia Gotcha 2011

July 23, 2011 – China Travel Group reunion
Nadia Gotcha 2012

July 22, 2012
Nadia Gotcha 2013

July 22, 2013
Nadia Gotcha 2014

July 22, 2014

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The Cast Comes Off!

Louanne on Jul 21st 2014

Dani waiting to have her cast removed.

Waiting in the Day Surgery Area (click to see album)

My aunt Paula showed up early in the morning to keep the big girls while we went to the hospital. As we were driving to Scottish Rite I kept thinking, “Please let her be great. Please let her be healed. Please let this be the end.” We signed in at the hospital and headed for the Day Surgery unit where we had been 3 times before with Amelie. They showed us to our waiting area and then we waited for all the various people to come by and talk to us. Dani was having fun during the wait and being her usual happy self. First came the anesthesiologist, then the resident for Dr. Birch and then someone from the research department. They had hoped that Dani could take part in a genetic study but then realized that she was adopted and that wouldn’t work. I told her that if we could have done it, we would have been glad to. The nurse for Dani’s surgery came to ask what color we wanted for the new cast. I said, “Purple, but I hope we don’t need it.”

Dani playing with stickers

Once all the documents had been signed the nurse gave Dani the “goofy juice” to keep her calm as they took her back and we changed her into the surgical gown. The nurse gave her some stickers to play with while we waited for her turn and then they rolled her back. I asked God one more time to please let her be healed and for this to be the end. Mike and I took a beeper and headed down to the cafeteria to have a quick breakfast since they thought this would take less than an hour. When they rolled her back in I couldn’t tell if there was a new cast or not and so I said to Dr. Birch, “No cast?” and he said, “No cast.” I immediately said an unexpected, “Halleluiah!” and started to cry from all the pent-up stress. Dr. Birch told us that everything looked perfect and she couldn’t have done better. He showed us her x-ray (I forgot to ask for a photo this time) and said we would need to return for a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month follow up. He said that at 6 months they usually remove all the hardware and that will require an overnight stay. He told us again that it could take up to 6 months for her to reach full mobility, but to let her go at her own pace.

Holding Cast-free Dani!

I wish I could express to you how relieved I was to be holding my precious girl without that huge, hard cast in the way.

Dani ready and waiting to go home

The nurse told Mike he could go down to the pharmacy and get Dani’s pain medicine and that I could get her changed so we could go home. When I took the gown off of her she looked down, smacked her belly two times and said, “Belllleeee Belllleeee!” Then she wiggled her toes and moved her right leg up and down with such an ecstatic look on her face. A few minutes after Mike came back upstairs they let us leave and we went to the car and headed home. WOO HOO! When Mike put her in the car seat she seemed so surprised and almost the entire way home she was pointing out the window and saying, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” for every fun thing she saw. We could tell she was so happy to be sitting up and able to see out the window again for the first time in 8.5 weeks.

Watching TV and resting on Mommy.

Once we were home she just wanted to eat and then lay on me for quite a while and watch TV which we were happy let her do. We found that she couldn’t sit up on her own yet, so we had to get her in position to lean against something or for her to be laying down.

Having fun playing without the cast

After her nap she wanted to get down on the floor, be free and go after some toys.

Soaking in the Sink

The best part for her was the BATH!!!! Because she couldn’t sit up Mike thought we should try to prop her up on a booster chair and that worked perfectly for her to soak for a nice long time. The skin on her lower back and legs was very dry and her left leg had a lot of scabs, plus her scars were a little raw. Our family was so very happy that the cast was off!

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Michelle Meets Dani

Louanne on Jul 18th 2014

Michelle meets Dani

Michelle with the girls (click to see album)

The second day of Michelle’s visit was the 4th of July and we had big plans. We started the day by meeting some of our friends from church for the Arlington 4th parade. Mike stayed back home with Dani so she wouldn’t sweat for hours. It was our 3rd year to attend and we got the same great spot as the last 2 years – yippie! We had a great time as always and look forward to going again next year.

With friends at the Arlington 4th parade.

Yeah for friends, family and parades!

Arlington 4th parade

The girls got a big kick out of this!

Arlington 4th parade

As I watched this I hoped the car didn't explode since he had two people prepped for trouble.

Arlington 4th parade

AMAZING Boston Tea Party float!

Arlington 4th parade

God Bless our Vets!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Love these girls!

Love these girls!

Michelle meets Dani

We let Michelle give Dani her candy during cast cooler time so they could bond. I thought this was a cute little photo of Amelie and Michelle talking. The rest of our day was nice and the girls played a lot and visited with Aunt Michelle. When the girls had a nap we ran over for some shopping at Target and then home for dinner. Then we packed everyone up (included ice packs to put under Dani) and headed to find a good spot for fireworks. We went to the same location as the last two years, but this year we found THE SPOT!!! I told Mike and Michelle that I was going to be like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory from now on for this spot! We had a blast ;)

On Saturday we headed over to see my friends Laura’s new cell phone accessory shop, Cases Galore, so Michelle could get a new case for her phone. After that we went to lunch with Laura and had a great time. Dani went crazy for the fried pickles and rolls, which made me laugh.

Michelle meets Dani

Michelle meets Dani

Once we got home it was time for the girls to take a nap. Michelle and I headed out to get our nails done. Michelle was so sweet to treat me to my first set of gel nails.

Michelle meets Dani

Later we surprised the girls and took them to get shakes at Sonic in their jammies. I think that Amelie and Dani enjoyed it a lot more than Nadia because she always thinks the shakes are too sweet at Sonic. Next time we need to just get her a plain soft serve cone. On Sunday we had homemade waffles and I got Michelle addicted to Trader Joe’s cookie butter. Michelle and I ran over to Central Market and Trader Joe’s for goodies that she could take back to California.

Michelle meets Dani

We were sad when it was time to go and as we left the airport Dani said, “Shell? Shell? Shell?” and the big girls tried to be tough and not cry. Thanks for coming to see us Michelle! We love you!

*On a side note: A great thing about Michelle’s trip was that it made the last 4 days of Dani’s cast fly by. After dropped her off we picked up burgers for dinner and got the girls in bed because we had to be up early to head for the hospital.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Jul 17th 2014

The Quebe Sisters and Mason Sisters...and Mason Mommy.

The Quebe Sisters and Mason Sisters...and Mason Mommy.

I am thankful we got to take the girls to see the Quebe Sisters in concert last night! Mike and I saw them last year and had a great time. At that time Nadia wanted to go so bad, but the concert started so late I told her we would take her the next time. It was at a local church and so we took the entire family and had a great time. Dani was rocking out and moving all around to the beat and I ended up giving her an Advil because I knew she was going to be in pain by the end of it, but it was so nice to see her having so much fun.

Nadia loved going to the concert and FINALLY seeing them in person. We also got to hear The Purple Hulls that play with them now. We bought their Gospel CD on the way out. Listening to it on the way home Nadia was hooked on their music, too. If you like fiddles and bluegrass or you would like to be introduced to the good stuff – check out both bands.

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