Just hanging out in July

Louanne on Aug 16th 2014

This post is photos from the 3rd week of July. Dani spent most of the time crawling around and exploring the house again now that we were home again and she was free!

A gift from the Petermans

A gift from the Petermans (click to see album)

Our friends the Petermans mailed this little cutie to Dani. It came in the mail just like this with stamps on the side. How adorable is that?

Nadia holding Dani

Nadia: "I am SO HAPPY to hold this little body again!"

July 13 - 19, 2014
July 13 - 19, 2014
Playing and laughing with Daddy.

Dani pretending to take a video of Amelie.

Pretending to take a video of Amelie.

Dani's setup with her stuffed dog.

Dani spent a long time crawling back and forth to set this up with her stuffed dog.

Amelie and Nadia being "dogs"

The big girls came downstairs and said, "Look, we are dogs!"

After a craft time with friends at Michaels.

After a craft time with friends at Michaels.

I decided to try and tame Dani's wild hair by giving her bangs.

I decided to try and tame Dani's wild hair by giving her bangs.

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The Quebe Sisters Concert

Louanne on Aug 15th 2014

The Quebe Sisters concert

Waiting for the concert to begin

In mid-July we went to see the Quebe Sisters Band in concert. We first met them years ago at church and Nadia has loved them since she was 2 years old. We have joked that she is a Quebe Sister groupie, but I will take that over ANY of the popular bands and singers for kids. They are really wonderful women and it’s been a blessing to know them over the years. Last October Mike and I went to see them play at The Live Oak in Fort Worth and we had such a great time. I told several people that I just felt HAPPY when I left their concert. Nadia really wanted to go, but we told her it was too late for her to be out and about. I told her that the next time they played in our area we would go.

The Quebe Sisters concert

They played with The Purple Hulls who are now regularly on tour with them. The sisters who are The Purple Hulls played an original song called, “No power in the Water” and our entire family loved it. We bought the CD afterwards and I can safely say that in the last month we have listened to it in the car and at home at least 75 times. The girls know all the words to all the songs and even Dani sings them in her 2 year old way now. I highly recommend you check them and the Quebe Sisters out if you like Bluegrass and/or Gospel.

The Quebe Sisters concert

We have this photo on our fridge now and both big girls have a copy on their dressers :)

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Aug 14th 2014


Amazing donation!

  • I am thankful for my friends and family responding to a Facebook post about the Union Gospel Mission. Look at all the items I was able to buy for their back to school needs. I almost started crying when the cashier asked me what it was all for.
  • I wanted to do this because I just can’t imagine what it must be like to be living in a homeless shelter and have the added worry of back-to-school needs for your children.
  • I am thankful to God that we don’t ever have to worry where our kids clothes/food/toys or anything else are going to come from.

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Expedition China Unit Study

Louanne on Aug 13th 2014

China Unit Study 2014

Do-A-Dots make learning fun! (click to see album)

*A catching up blog post*

As we were preparing to leave for our trip to China in February to meet Dani, I did a Chinese New Year unit with Amelie and a more in depth China Unit study with Nadia. I thought it would be fun to study because our house was filled with endless discussions about China already. We used one of the Amanda Bennett studies again because they are so convenient and easy to use.

China Unit Study 2014

China Unit Study 2014

China Unit Study 2014

On each of the 5 days of study we learned about a place in China, a Chinese animal, a Chinese invention and a missionary to China. It was very informative and we watched quite a few interesting and beautifully filmed videos.

China Unit Study 2014

As always Nadia loves putting together her lapbook at the end. It gives us a chance to review everything we have learned and talk about our favorite parts of the study.

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