Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Nov 12th 2015

  • I am thankful for the lovely weather we have had this month.
  • For my Bible Study small group this fall and our co-op.

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Grammie’s Birthday

Louanne on Nov 10th 2015

My Grammie had to be moved to an assisted living place in September and it’s been a serious transition. She is doing well now and the place my aunts found for her is wonderful. Nadia even told me I should go live there when I am old ;) We went out with my Aunt Paula and Grammie on her actual birthday for Taco Tuesday at Rosa’s and then ice cream at Braums. Later in the week Roger and Paula set up a little party for her at her assisted living place. Quite a few people drove in for the event and they even arranged for her old boss to come and visit which made her so happy. Her oldest friend GeorgeAnn was there along with her kids. It was a really nice time to celebrate Grammie. We love you Grammie!

Grammie and her kids :)

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Nadia’s Build a Bear Party

Louanne on Nov 9th 2015

Nadia wanted to have a Build a Bear party this year and invite a smaller group. We ended up with all girls who do Taekwondo and that was fun! The staff at Build a Bear did a great job and the kids all had a lot of fun.

This made the girls crack up. They each had to do the moves on the extra heart to go inside Nadia’s bear.

Stuffing the bears.

Group photo – so cute!

Singing “Happy Birthday” once the bears were done. It was really fun and we are so glad that Nadia’s friends could join us last weekend!

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Nadia’s 9th Birthday Cake!

Louanne on Nov 7th 2015

Nadia’s request for this year was a Minecraft Cake. Whoa! Around 400 tiles and a screen caputre printed on icing paper with edible ink. (I bought that from a local cake supply store) Once I started to build it I realized that I didn’t have enough tiles so Nadia helped me crank out another 100 or so.

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