Co-op Open House

Louanne on Apr 27th 2016

The K-2nd graders and 3-5th graders took Texas History this year so our end of the year co-op was Cowboy food themed. We had cornbread, pinto beans, cobbler and the kids churned butter. Nadia made a blackberry cobbler that was gone as fast as lightning so she was very proud. It was a sweet night with lots of visitors to see all the stuff that the kids learned this year.

Nadia’s body for Human Anatomy.

From Nadia’s Texas History class.

This is a sample of the artwork my class did over the course of the year! I am so proud of their hard work. They were just the most fun kids.


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A day in Dallas

Louanne on Apr 22nd 2016

Amelie was due for her yearly hands and feet check up at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital so the girls and I packed up and headed for Dallas. Amelie got the all clear for another year which was a great relief. It doesn’t look like the toenails they removed are growing back so that is good news. Once we were finished we headed over to redeem a gift for a free dozen cookies from Paradise Bakery. YUM!

Popcorn is the best part of Scottish Rite.

Then we headed for the Dallas Children’s Aquarium. There were quite a few school groups in there, but we still worked our way around the place. Dani couldn’t wait to go see the stingrays, but they weren’t starting the feeding until noon and I wanted to just spend the end of our time there. This time I remembered to bring extra shirts for the girls to change into since they get splashed.

Chambered Nautilus 

Nadia and Dani fed the stingrays the little pieces of shrimp that they sell. Amelie wanted no part of it because it creeped her out the last time. She just wanted to pet the sting rays as they swam past.

“He splashed me!!!!!!!!”¬†

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Apr 21st 2016

  • I am thankful for dinner dates with my Aunt Paula! She is wonderful and I am so glad she is part of my life.

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Dani’s Birthday Party

Louanne on Apr 20th 2016

We invited friends to join us to ride the Forest Park Mini Train for Dani’s 4th birthday. It was pretty cold out with the wind blowing, but it didn’t rain until after the party, which made us all happy.

Dani kept giggling and yelling, “Mini TRAIN!”

After the train ride we had cake and Dani opened presents. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

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