Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Apr 17th 2014

  • Thankful that Papa and Grandma Brooke came to visit last week.
  • Thankful our 1st post placement report is done.
  • Thankful that my sister Tahni came to visit.
  • Thankful that we got my mother in law moved into a good nursing home that had an opening. And that she seems to be doing okay so far.

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The Peterman’s Visit Again!

Louanne on Apr 16th 2014

Peterman Visit March 2014
Click the photo above to see the entire album.

Randy, Jessica, Abby and Evelyn came to visit us again in March!! It worked out that we were home a bit before their Spring Break so they drove down to see us and meet Dani. They also saw some of Jess’s family and had good friends come up to Fort Worth from Austin. I think it was a great week for them and we certainly loved having them here. The bulk of the time was spent visiting, watching Dani and deciding what to eat ;)

Peterman Visit March 2014

Peterman Visit March 2014

The four big girls had a blast together like they always do, and we basically didn’t see them for five days. One day Jess and I went to Grapevine Mills mall with Abby and Dani while the middle girls all played at home with the dads. We hit the usual stops when Jess comes to town: the Children’s Place Outlet, the gelato place and Auntie Annies pretzels. And because we had Dani in the stroller having a great time we actually made the entire circuit of the mall.

Happy girl at the mall.

One night we went to Laura’s house for a girls night “Frozen” sing-along and we had so much fun!!! My girls are still talking about it almost a month later.

Getting read for Frozen.

Even Dani had her own popcorn box.

We went to Chuy’s to celebrate Jess’s birthday a few days early, since they would be driving home that day. We also went to Freebird’s, and tried out the burgers at Rodeo Goat. Another day we went to the Dallas Arboretum to see all the spring blooms and take photos, but that will be its own blog post.

Peterman Visit March 2014 Peterman Visit March 2014
Rodeo Goat.

All the girls in the car.

Peterman Visit March 2014 Peterman Visit March 2014

Come back anytime, Peterman family!

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Dani’s 1st visit to Scottish Rite

Louanne on Apr 13th 2014

1st Scottish Rite visit
This photo shows how Dani stands and walks a lot of the time due to her dislocated left hip.

At the beginning of April Dani had her first appointment with Scottish Rite. The big girls went to spend the afternoon with Auntie Laura and we headed for Dallas. Our past experiences have been so wonderful, that just walking into Scottish Rite makes me happy. We checked in and waited to be taken back to orthopedics where they got her height and weight while listening to much screaming. Then we were in the waiting area until it was time to meet the doctors.

April 1, 2014
Dani really wanted to get this off the board. Her face here makes me laugh.

Once they called us in the room we encouraged Dani to play with the toys in the room hoping that would help her be calm.

April 1, 2014

She was fine until a nurse came in to ask us a question, then she was upset.

She flopped down on the floor and started to cry.

The nurse left and then the first doctor came in to talk with us and check her out. She was really upset all through having her hips moved around and the doctor was so apologetic, but told us they would need an x-ray. We went over to radiology and I tried to bribe Dani with a lollipop and that worked until they got her in position for the x-ray. Even with me holding onto her and the tech helping it was a challenge. Mike could hear her screaming all the way down the hallway. Once that was over we returned to the orthopedic waiting area. Then they called us back to the room and she was happy and playing again.


April 1, 2014

Then Dr. Birch came in to talk to us about the x-ray and our options. We think he is really wonderful (we met him back in 2011 on Amelie’s first visit).  I was glad that we went into the appointment having done our research, because even with what we knew, it was overwhelming. She definitely needs surgery and we have a 6 month window to do it and her outcome be the same. Right now she only has a slight limp, but if left untreated it will get worse and worse. They told us it will require a 3-5 day hospital stay and 8 weeks in a cast from her armpits to her ankles. They told us that we should prepare for 12 weeks, but it will most likely be just 8 weeks.

Nurse Emily gave us a lot more information after the doctors left the room and asked us to take the night to talk about it and check out our family calendar. We thanked them for everything and then headed to pick up the big girls.

Dani fell asleep in about 2 minutes.

The surgery is now scheduled for May 8th. Our family would appreciate your prayers for us as Dani goes through this very hard surgery and weeks in the cast.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Apr 10th 2014

We are thankful for the Doctors and staff of Texas Scottish Rite. We had a great first visit for Dani last week (which I will blog about later) and the most important bit of news is that she will be having surgery on May 8th.

They did a wonderful and amazing job with all 3 of Amelie’s surgeries and are confident that they will be wonderful for Dani.

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