Dani’s 1st Gotcha Day

Louanne on Mar 18th 2015

Dani is too little to know what Gotcha Day means, but we celebrate anyway, especially because the big girls love it too. We went to Cotton Patch for dinner and the waitress gave the girls Oreos for dessert which is fitting since we always eat Oreos by the pounds on our China trip :)

After opening her gift of new Doc McStuffins jammies, I asked her to let me take a photo. She thought she was so funny and just kept winking.

At bedtime she was all smiles for the camera. We love you Dani!!!

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Mar 12th 2015

  • For fun days out with my husband and friends to babysit.
  • For the hilarious things our children say.
  • For how much the girls love each other.
  • For the beautiful weather we are having right now.

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Ice & Snow!

Louanne on Mar 11th 2015

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The weather had been getting better and better around here and suddenly at the end of February we had an ice and snow storm. The girls were SO EXCITED since they thought there wouldn’t be any this year (which is typical). And you know we are only excited about it because we don’t have to live with it every year for months on end. Which I think is how most Northerner’s feel about our hot summers – it sounds good in the middle of winter, but 50 days over 100* is a shocker for lots who move here. Here are some fun photos from the end of February.

This photo makes me smile because it started to melt and the grass looks nice and green while the girls keep trying to play.

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Photos from the end of Feb 2015

Louanne on Mar 11th 2015

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Mike and I have been talking about how we should get rid of a lot of our stuff that isn’t being used. Pass it on to others, recycle or just toss if it’s trash. The start of that was cleaning out all of the girls bedrooms and matching up all the toys. It was time for things to go and make some more new children happy. During all the ice and snow I decided this was the perfect time to start. First on the list was piling up all the stuffed animals and making the girls decide on which ones were going to go. I had to snap this photo of Nadia.

One morning I found Dani in her crib with her footie jammies on backwards. She even had them almost all the way zipped up.

For science camp last month they did explosions outside.

The toy purge made the “Little People” really exciting again.

Dani’s first Do-a-dot sheet. I thought she did a great job.

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