Road to China Camp 2016

Louanne on Oct 21st 2016

Packed up and ready to go to China Camp 2016.

This made me laugh and think the Predator was going for the TARDIS.

Amelie said, “What is this? How does it work?”

After the Toy and Action Figure Museum we went to lunch at the diner next door. Then on the road to Tulsa. Once we checked in at the hotel Charlotte and her mom came to our room for a visit and total cuteness happened.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Oct 20th 2016

  • For the wide variety of places to get delicious street tacos in our area.

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July 4, 2016

Louanne on Oct 17th 2016

This year we broke with our traditional place to watch fireworks and headed over to the neighborhood of our friends the Clouse’s. Jurnee and Nadia met when they were 2 years old in a tumbling class and her mom and I hit it off right away. The girls declared this the most fun because there were so many kids to play with and “poppers” to throw on the ground.


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Nonnie’s Summer Visit

Louanne on Oct 15th 2016

Introducing Nonnie to Dutch’s Burgers by TCU.

We were so excited to see my mom (Nonnie) for a visit this summer. As I said in the last post she was here for Amelie’s CPAC show which was great fun. The entire visit revolved around her eating good food, playing with the girls and our usual trip to Target :)

On the way to dinner at Los Mocajetes.

Brisket Tacos = amazing.

It was a fast and fun visit with Nonnie. We love you!!

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