April 2016 photos

Louanne on May 23rd 2016

2010 and 2016.

One really fun thing about April was that our friend Brooke came back into town for a visit and we reconnected. In 2010 we each had 1 child, now we have 17 kids between the 5 families. Amazing. The kids had a great time reconnecting just like the kids did.

Dinner date with my aunt Paula.

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Hand Camp 2016

Louanne on May 20th 2016

At the end of April, Amelie and I headed for Hand Camp 2016 at Camp John Marc. We had a wonderful time just like we did last year and it was neat to have a time with just the two of us. She enjoyed all activities and we made sure to get signed up for the Ropes Course and Fishing right away. The facility built a new Ropes course since we came last year and I really wished there would have been time for the adults to have a time on the zip line too.

Games played during the first night.

Amelie climbed the wall SO FAST!


Cooking and free time.

Fun with friends at the carnival.

Amelie brought Ami to hand camp of course.

We had such a great time and made new friends and saw old friends. The staff and volunteers were just as wonderful as last year. I was again blessed by the parent only times and encouraged that we are doing the right thing in how we are raising Amelie to deal with her limb difference. I am so glad that we got a spot again this year for this wonderful camp put on by Scottish Rite.

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on May 19th 2016

  • For the rain making everything green and the flowers grow.
  • For the amazing 1st year of Museum School that Dani had.
  • For the wonderful elliptical we got from the church garage sale.


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Museum Day

Louanne on May 13th 2016

In April the museum had special Earth Week activities so when we dropped Dani off we used our membership and went in. The big girls had a fun time trying the experiments. Upstairs we also went through the IBM THINK exhibit.

My happy surprise of the day was running into Vanessa!


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