Halloween 2016

Louanne on Jan 12th 2017

This post contains all our Halloween 2016 activities. And for the first time ever we missed Boo at the Zoo because the place was JAMMED and we were having Nadia’s birthday party that night and we just couldn’t swing it. We also didn’t do a family Halloween costume which sent people into a state of shock. HA!

The girls picked their costumes and they were absolutely perfect. A week before Halloween the nursing home where Mike’s mom is had their family fun event.

We also went to see Grammie for the Halloween party at the assisted living place where she lives.

Dani was too hot in the panda so we said her back up costume was a fly girl.

Goofing off at Target.

The big group from Halloween night. It was SO HOT that we put Dani in her Doc McStuffins costume from last year. She would have sweat to death in the panda.

Cool event of the night was seeing this guy who plays Batman who made his own Batmobile. AWESOME!

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Nadia’s 10th birthday!

Louanne on Jan 11th 2017

For her 10th birthday Nadia just wanted to have a small number of girls over for a sleepover. She wanted a Lego Ninjago cake and it really turned out fun! We had plans to play some Ninjago themed games, but it was all derailed once the presents were opened and they all wanted to compare Pokemon cards and play. It was a fun night for them and I made everyone my special waffles before they headed home.

Excited about Legos!

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Nadia is 10!

Louanne on Jan 10th 2017

Happy 10th birthday to our precious Nadia! You are the most fun and we are so proud of all you do. You are such a great big sister and a wonderful helper to me.  You love Jesus and learning more about the Bible. You love to read and play with Legos. You have such compassion and a desire to help others. You love taekwondo and have a dream of becoming a Grand Master when you are an adult. We love you!

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Visit from the Hatchers

Louanne on Jan 9th 2017

2007 and 2016.

The Hatcher’s were on our first adoption trip to China. They adopted their precious Jaida when we adopted Nadia. Amy and Jaida were coming to Texas for a girls weekend to see Magnolia Market. They stopped to see us on their way in and out of town. It was so wonderful to see them and the girls had such a fun time playing and catching up.

Looking at a photo album of their past visits.

Thanks for coming to see us Amy and Jaida. It was a real blessing to catch up with you and see the girls together again.

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