Perot Museum May 2016

I took the girls to the Perot Museum on the last day of May to sneak in one more visit before school let out, then we won’t be back again until September. We wanted to see the parts of the museum we missed on our last visit.

Nadia asked me to take photos of both of these to show Mike because it’s from Jiangxi Province where she and Dani were born.

We had a great time and stopped for a photo with the frogs on the way out!

Museum Day

In April the museum had special Earth Week activities so when we dropped Dani off we used our membership and went in. The big girls had a fun time trying the experiments. Upstairs we also went through the IBM THINK exhibit.

My happy surprise of the day was running into Vanessa!


A day in Dallas

Amelie was due for her yearly hands and feet check up at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital so the girls and I packed up and headed for Dallas. Amelie got the all clear for another year which was a great relief. It doesn’t look like the toenails they removed are growing back so that is good news. Once we were finished we headed over to redeem a gift for a free dozen cookies from Paradise Bakery. YUM!

Popcorn is the best part of Scottish Rite.

Then we headed for the Dallas Children’s Aquarium. There were quite a few school groups in there, but we still worked our way around the place. Dani couldn’t wait to go see the stingrays, but they weren’t starting the feeding until noon and I wanted to just spend the end of our time there. This time I remembered to bring extra shirts for the girls to change into since they get splashed.

Chambered Nautilus 

Nadia and Dani fed the stingrays the little pieces of shrimp that they sell. Amelie wanted no part of it because it creeped her out the last time. She just wanted to pet the sting rays as they swam past.

“He splashed me!!!!!!!!”¬†

Stockyards Field Trip

In mid-February Nadia and Amelie went with their Texas History co-op classes to a field trip of the Fort Worth Stockyards. They had an awesome time and here are some of the photos from people who were there.

Group shot.

Learning about the Chisholm Trail.

Learning about Longhorns.

This is the official Fort Worth brand – the running W.

Nadia and Amelie loved this maze so much! They talked about it for days and how cool it was. Thanks to my friend Marti for organizing this fun day for the kids!