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Nadia’s Orange Belt Test

Louanne on Mar 7th 2015

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Master Valdez had told Nadia she would have to wait for the March test to try for her orange belt, but in the second week of February he said he knew she was ready. He told me that she had worked so hard that I should add her to the February 14th test list. She was so excited because she had worked so hard!

With Master Valdez after earning her Orange Belt.

In front of the school with her certificate and new belt. WOO HOO!

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Gold Belt Orange Tip Test 1.24.2015

Louanne on Feb 20th 2015

Nadia 1.24.2015

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Last year Nadia started at another dojo that closed after she had only been there for 2.5 months. She had learned their white belt form and some of their gold belt form. When we moved over to Excel Taekwondo at the end of October, Master Valdez let her stay a gold belt and she just knew she had to learn the new white and gold belt form. She loves it so she worked really, really hard. When it came time to test in January she was on the list to test for the tip on her gold belt. She easily passed and was so proud. Master Valdez told her that in 2 months she could go for her Orange Belt because that is the standard practice for testing.

Nadia 1.24.2015

Nadia 1.24.2015

Nadia 1.24.2015

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Thankful Thursday

Louanne on Sep 26th 2013

For beach vacations!!

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Amelie’s Right Hand 2013

Louanne on Jun 10th 2013

Last Wednesday we went to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Amelie’s cast removal. This video has footage from before her surgery, an interview with the cast on and the day the cast came off and we saw her new fingers for the first time.

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