Amelie’s Right Hand 2013

Last Wednesday we went to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Amelie’s cast removal. This video has footage from before her surgery, an interview with the cast on and the day the cast came off and we saw her new fingers for the first time.

  • So precious, Louanne!!

  • CTG

    Absolutely amazing. Congrats. CTG, Natalie and Catherine.

  • D Gastley

    Thanks for sharing!! I was wondering if she has any functionality or movement now with those 3 fingers? I have a little one without any fingers and just one little nubbin. I am afraid she would lose what little function she has due to scar tissue if we operate. So just curious if she can move any of those new 3 fingers?

  • LouanneMason

    Hello. It’s been almost a week now and the swelling has gone down a lot. She is moving each finger independent. They are not very strong, but are working on fine motor detail each day by playing with stickers and other items that make her use each hand. In your case it would all depend on what bones are inside there and what the surgeons think. Thanks for coming to the blog.

  • Cheryl Gannaway

    Awesome 🙂 My son has ABS affecting his toes. He is also 4 years old. He is currently in a cast because he had surgery done to correct one of the bands on his toes. He watched this video with me. He was really connecting with what she was going through and feeling.

  • LouanneMason

    I am so glad! Thanks for commenting and stopping by our blog.

  • LouanneMason


  • LouanneMason

    Thanks CTG! Hope all is well with you.

  • HyunYoung Kwak

    So glad she gets beautiful fingers! And she is so lovely~
    Hope to grow more healthy Amelie! 🙂