CPAC Disney Camp

Amelie went to another CPAC came at the end of June. It was girl themed and was really cute and the photo above shows the crown she made one day. My mom was in town and was able to see the show which was fun.

Amelie won the Humble Spirit Award.

With Nonnie.

Amelie with one of her teachers- Miss Madison.

Christmas Dance Recital 2015

Amelie had her Christmas Dance recital in mid-December and I was the stage mom this time around. We were dancing early in the program so I bought crayons, construction paper and foamies to keep our group busy while waiting through the rest of the dances.

Amelie did a great job and we were very proud of her!

Amelie with her teacher Miss Tish after the recital.

Amelie’s Spring Dance Recital

Amelie was so excited about her dance recital for this year. She was dancing tap and ballet again so she had two beautiful costumes and a quick change to do. Everything went perfectly and she did a great job. I think her favorite part of everything is getting to wear “real” makeup.

First up was tap.

Then ballet.

This was taken on the stage after the recital. She was excited to keep these costumes so she can wear them around the house. Shortly after the recital she decided that she didn’t want to do ballet anymore, but would rather do tap which is fine with us. We would rather that she do what she really enjoys.

Amelie’s Winter Dance Recital

Amelie's Recital 12.13.2014

In the fall Amelie took Ballet and Tap and was so happy about it. So when it was time for the recital she had to learn two dances and do a quick change in the back between the dances. She was the most excited about getting to wear makeup! She was blessed to have a lot of people come to see her including Grammie, Roger and Paula, Bayli and Janis. She did a wonderful job and was so proud when it was over.

We loved how in the tap routine she was separated from the other girls, but she stayed on beat and did the entire thing without looking backstage to Miss Tish. It was a great night for Amelie who practiced so hard.

Amelie's Recital 12.13.2014
Amelie's Recital 12.13.2014
Amelie's Recital 12.13.2014