Dani’s hip check up 2016

On the morning of May 9th our friend Danielle and her daughter Sophie came over for a play date and to chat about adoption. It was a nice visit and fun play time for the girls. After lunch and they left, we headed to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Dani’s yearly hip check. We started with height/weight and an xray.

Dani cooperated with Dr. Podezwa and he said that she is doing great. Everything looked good and we are clear for another year. WOO HOO!!

Amelie toe check up

Hiding in wait for the doctor.

At the end of October Amelie had her check up at Texas Scottish Rite from her surgery back in July. They wanted to see how the toes were looking and if the nails were growing back. They told us that everything looked good and that will continue to check them at her yearly hand clinic visit.

After the check up we went to get a drink over at 7-11 and the man at the register asked about school and I said she had a check up next door. And he said, “All princesses who go to Scottish Rite get a Slurpee when they are done.” Amelie was SO EXCITED that he gave her a free one.

Dani Hip Update 8/2015

The super cool waiting area in Radiology.

It’s been 6 months since Dani had all the hardware removed from her pelvis and femur so it was time for a check up at Texas Scottish Rite. We got there and went straight to radiology and then waited for our turn to see Dr. Podezswa.

The doctor told us that her hip is doing the best that we could possibly hope for. He said that the ball they created looks good and is a great size. He said the socket they made for it is also growing well and that her femur is a little big, but that is normal since she has gone through two surgeries and healing. He said to just let her keep being a kid and that nothing we do or don’t do would impact her continued hip growth/strength. We go back in 9 months for her next check up which will be the 2 year anniversary of her surgery. Yippie!

Casts off!

Once Amelie wasn’t feeling any more pain she started to run around and play like normal – even with two casts on. So she ended up cracking one of them open 9 days after her surgery. I called Scottish Rite and explained the situation. They asked me if I wanted to try and take the cast off myself since I had seen it done so many times and I said yes. We got it off and took a photo for them and once the doctor saw it he said we could just keep it clean and keep our appointment for the next week. Then the next day she cracked the other one open! So Mike took that one off and we got her feet cleaned and wrapped in ace bandages because the toes themselves were still sensitive.

The following Wednesday we headed for our check up and Dr. Stutz said that her feet looked great. He told us to come back in 3 months so we could see if any of the nails had started to grow back. We pray that the answer is no!

With Dr. Stutz.

The girls waiting at Texas Scottish Rite for Amelie’s turn.