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Texas X – September 2016

Louanne on Jan 2nd 2017

Nadia was so stressed coming into this tournament, but she did awesome. She took 1st place in kata.

Sparring. 2nd place.

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Nadia’s Purple Belt Test – August 2016

Louanne on Dec 28th 2016

Nadia did a great job on her purple belt test. She had some good fights and Master Valdez had her and Chogul have a “Nadia face” contest.

Nadia face pose with Master Valdez.

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Texas X – April 2016

Louanne on May 11th 2016

This was Master Valdez’s 20th Texas X and Nadia was so excited because the top prize was a samurai sword. Nadia practiced and practiced and practiced because she was determined to win. She amazes us with her dedication to her sport.

Photobombed after sparring.

First place in Kata and 2nd place is sparring! Great job Nadia!

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Panther City March 2016

Louanne on Mar 21st 2016

Waiting for Nadia’s turn.

Nadia had her first tournament of the year on March 12, 2016. It was the Panther City tournament in Fort Worth and she was so excited that Papa and Grandma Brooke were in town and could come see her! She was psyched and ready to go! There were no other girls in her division (her buds Lyric and Maddie have already moved up to advanced), so it was her against 12 boys, but she showed no fear!

Playing with Grandma while waiting for Nadia’s turn.

With Papa and Grandma after winning 1st in forms.

Nadia won her first fight in sparring and then lost her second fight against the kid who ended up winning 2nd place. She was so proud of her hard work! She is already working hard to prep for the Texas X in April where 1st prize winners get a sword!

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