Visit from the Hatchers

2007 and 2016.

The Hatcher’s were on our first adoption trip to China. They adopted their precious Jaida when we adopted Nadia. Amy and Jaida were coming to Texas for a girls weekend to see Magnolia Market. They stopped to see us on their way in and out of town. It was so wonderful to see them and the girls had such a fun time playing and catching up.

Looking at a photo album of their past visits.

Thanks for coming to see us Amy and Jaida. It was a real blessing to catch up with you and see the girls together again.

China Camp 2016

China Camp 2016 was the 6th for Nadia, 4th for Amelie and 1st for Dani. And you know that Dani was so excited to attend for the first time after watching her sisters go in 2014 and 2015. She was also super excited that her buddy Charlotte could come too and they stayed in the same hotel.

Day 1 fun.

Day 2 fun. Sharon, Jade, Gwen and Karsten all came down to visit us.

Dani with her teachers. So sweet.

After camp with Alyssa and Caitlin.

Jeng Chi Moon Cakes

The Peterman’s came to visit us in early August and all the girls drove up to Richardson to see the Moon Cake “knocking” (forming) at the Jeng Chi restaurant. I wanted to take my girls last year, but something came up so I was glad we could take the Peterman’s. They do this once a year in preparation to sell Moon Cakes for the Autumn Festival. It was very cool to watch and listen too while we had lunch. I was also really happy that I hadn’t hyped the deliciousness of the food too much. Jess and the girls loved everything! We took frozen dumplings and pork buns home for later.

These are the shrimp dumplings and on the plate behind the AMAZING green onion pancakes.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

February 2015

The girls and I drove to Richardson for the the Dallas Chinese Community Center Chinese New Year celebration. When we were almost there Nadia asked me if we were going to be the only ones dressed up in silks. Just at that moment I saw an elderly gentleman with his groceries dressed in a traditional silk shirt which I pointed out. As we were looking for a parking spot all the girls could see where Chinese people and Nadia yelled out, “This is like being in China! Cool!” The girls were also excited about seeing the lion and dragon dance.

The Dragon Dance was so fun for the girls and we had great seats.

After the celebration we visited with some friends and then decided to eat at the Jeng Chi restaurant and bakery. I had liked their facebook page months before and was excited to try it. The food was AMAZING and authentic. The green onion pancakes were so good I almost wished it was all I had ordered. The girls gobbled up their food and we took a to-go meal home to Mike who couldn’t join us because he was working. It was a great day and I am so glad that I made the drive all the way up there.