Trip to Joplin December 2016

We had plans to drive to Joplin to see “A Christmas Story” at the Joplin Little Theatre and Mike’s sister was still in the hospital, so the girls made this garland for her room. We had a good visit with her and were so happy to see how much she had improved in the month since we had seen her.

Dinner with Gwen!

We had brunch at the awesome restaurant Karsten works at and if you are ever in Joplin, go there!  The Bruncheonnette 


The Homewood Suites we stayed at was really nice too. A very family friendly place. We enjoyed the show at the theater and had such a nice visit with all our family up there.

Dani’s bed at the hotel.

Star Wars Costume Exhibit

The week we were visiting the Peterman’s an amazing exhibit on the costuming of Star Wars opened at the Denver Museum of Art. Jess got the tickets early thank goodness because it was basically sold out in advance of the opening. It took us a couple hours to get through it and we ALL loved it. It’s amazing the vast amount of effort put into each and every part of the costumes for the movies. The exhibit included moldings of faces and described how costumes came apart in filming. There are way to many photos of the exhibit, but I am going to put up some of my favorites from the day. The rest are in an album here.

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving with the Peterman’s is always a wonderful food fest filled with more desserts than anyone can handle. It’s perfect!

Dani’s job was to make the decorations!

Ingredients for on of the over the top desserts I made.

Thanks again to Randy and Jess for letting us join in the fun filled day with both your families! Love you!