Dani Hip Update 8/2015

The super cool waiting area in Radiology.

It’s been 6 months since Dani had all the hardware removed from her pelvis and femur so it was time for a check up at Texas Scottish Rite. We got there and went straight to radiology and then waited for our turn to see Dr. Podezswa.

The doctor told us that her hip is doing the best that we could possibly hope for. He said that the ball they created looks good and is a great size. He said the socket they made for it is also growing well and that her femur is a little big, but that is normal since she has gone through two surgeries and healing. He said to just let her keep being a kid and that nothing we do or don’t do would impact her continued hip growth/strength. We go back in 9 months for her next check up which will be the 2 year anniversary of her surgery. Yippie!