Engineers Week at the Museum

They “stitched” a circuit to make the light work.

Nadia wanted to go to Engineers Week at the museum so we planned to go in after picking up Dani from museum school. It was a really cool set up and they had people there from IBM, Mouser and Lockheed Martin the day that we went. There were a lot of activities for the big girls to do and not much specifically hands on for someone Dani’s age, but she still had a lot of fun.

The girls had to have a photo right here 🙂

The Perot Museum

At the beginning of February we finally worked it out to go to the Perot Museum using our Fort Worth Science and History Museum reciprocal membership. The place is so huge that we only made it through 2.5 floors, but we will definitely return soon.

We spent a lot of time in the area about space and the stars.

This was a cute little thing where the kids had to go to 6 different station to create their bird and then at the end they went to this screen to see the bird. Nadia loved it!

After we had been at the Perot about an hour my friend Maureen and her son Quinn met us for the rest of the visit. It was great fun!

Butterfly Garden

We had passes to the Butterfly Garden in Dallas and of course I forgot about them and we scooted in on the last day. Each day at noon they release some new butterfly’s to join the ones already in the garden. The outdoor gardens are beautiful too and we enjoyed the lunch I had packed outside. They also have a place on site with “Snakes of Texas” that the girls enjoyed.

It’s next door to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park where we have annual passes so we went there after seeing the butterfly garden.

Owl Class Field Trip

The kids who get to do the 3rd year of museum school go on a field trip at the end of the year to the Botanical Gardens. The trip is lead by Miss Spotted Bear who works for the museum. She is really sweet and knows a lot about trees and animals.

The kids are checking out this little pond and Miss Spotted Bear collected some of the water for the kids to look at and discuss.

They found a cool insect that she packed up to take back to the museum. (the photos I took of it were too blurry)

Feeding the turtles frozen peas.

I am glad that on our walk we didn’t come across the prior owner of this skin 🙂

I had a great time with Amelie and her class exploring the Botanical Gardens.