Ningxia photos

We had a camera sent to the orphanage while we were waiting for Amelie. When they handed it to us it appeared that it had been opened. So these were the only 3 photos on the entire roll that came out. I think they were taken for Chinese New Year.

Ningxia photos

Ningxia photos

Ningxia photos

  • Laura

    She looks so pretty in that close up. That’s a great color for her.

  • Amy Stark

    Even tho there are only 3, what a special treat, to see her personality before you were in her lives! And what warmth I sense from the workers there. They seemed to be really having a great time.

  • catherinethegreat

    Such great pictures…..thankfully at least these three came out. Great photos of Amelie’s hands in your previous posting. Amelie has come a long way…..she looks like she is a lot of fun..

  • jen

    Pretty in pink! 🙂 What a sweet girl! 🙂

  • Wow. Isn’t every picture from “before” so so priceless?!