We’re HOME!!

Home again

The first thing I would like you to notice here is that Nadia is in short sleeves and her legs are EXPOSED!! It was a beautiful first day home and 85 degrees. We headed up to church tonight for the mission trip fundraiser and I wore a skirt and sandals. After 30 days in a row of jeans, it was awesome!

Second, sorry if anyone had any trouble getting to the blog. After a year our hosting service decided with no warning to change a technical setting and didn’t let us know. So it’s been down almost 24 hours without us realizing it. And our email went down at the same time!

The trip home was long, but uneventful. The flight from China seemed to go fast and Nadia did great as usual. We are so blessed that she is such a good traveler. We nearly missed our connecting flight in Chicago because it took so long to get our bags and through customs. And NO ONE told us we would have to go through security again. That really annoyed me after traveling for so long. And I forgot that I had a coke in my bag from the plane and Nadia’s sippy cup. So we got pulled aside for 2 bag checks by the TSA. We got through security and Mike asked what our gate was and what time it was. I said B2 and 5:50. The flight was supposed to take off at 5:59 pm. Mike said, I bet we can make it and started to book it. I told him, go, go. I didn’t even have my shoes tied and was dragging 2 carry ons. He kept getting farther ahead and I said, “Keep going, they will hold the door if you get there.” As he rolled up with Nadia they were calling the final boarding call. We thanked the guy and ran down the jet way. As we were running we heard the door SLAM behind us. They told us, “Leave the stroller and get on the plane.”

I was panting and totally out of breath and everyone on the plane was just sitting there all peaceful. So thank goodness that we didn’t have to sit around Chicago for hours for the next flight and we landed early at DFW. When we came to the baggage area and saw Joy and Janis I nearly teared up I was so excited. We were home! Nadia went right into her car seat, which was great. I was a bit afraid that she would resist since she had been free to go from person to person in taxis in China.

On the drive home I was weirded out that all the drivers stayed in their own lanes and no one was honking. 🙂 Further, I will be honest that when we got home I laid my head down on the kitchen counter when we got all the bags in and said, “Oh kitchen, how I have missed you.” Also, Nadia was MANIC for her toys. Janis got right down on the floor with her to play. Her and Joy got her the Fisher Price Little People in Easter eggs that are so darn cute! Janis also brought it to our attention that Nadia kept stopping playing to rub her hands on the carpet. It was cute since she hadn’t seen any carpet for a month, she liked how it felt I guess.

We visited with Joy and Janis for a bit, then they left and we ordered pizza a little while later. Nadia went to sleep and we crashed soon after. Laying down on the soft bed was the most wonderful thing!!! And in a quiet house. Ahhhhhhhhh. Jet lag had Mike and I up from 3 – 6 am and Nadia up from 4:30 – 6 am. But I have to be honest that this time I am tired, but I don’t feel like I was run over by a bus. Mike says that is seems like only a taxi ran over me. 🙂

  • Jen


    Welcome home!!! I’m so glad you guys had a safe trip! I’m also glad your server didn’t whack out until you were virtually traveling! What a blessing to be able to keep up with you on the other side of the world! 🙂

    I love you! Rest well today!


  • We’re glad to hear that you’ve made it home safely. I’m sure the weather here is quite a change. Being able to leave exposed skin without worries of the clothing police must be nice too. I hope that taxi was a small one, like the ones in China!

    Welcome home!

  • Woo Hoo! Welcome home! Very cute about feeling the carpet – the things we take for granted. Glad the flights went well, even with running through O’Hare. I remember the drive home from the airport last August – it seemed so serene compared to what we had experienced.

    Glad you are home safe, sound and well. Gina

  • catherinethegreat

    Glad you had the aha moment…did not think it would be with your kitchen, but I can relate…too funny…sounds like Miss N had the moment with her toys and the carpet….
    Glad to hear you guys are well..and 85 degrees…oh how I wish for that…
    Take care. CTG

  • Dad

    LouGoo: Welcome Home! When can we come visit?



  • Stephanie Petlow

    Welcome home! Nadia sure is bright – eyed & bushy – tailed in her cute outfit! Seems like the travel is good for her! Good travelers must run in the family!

    Get some more rest today !

    Love you all,

    Mom xxxooo

  • Jennifer Chapman

    Welcome home!!! Glad to hear you made it safely.

  • Welcome back Louanne!! So glad that you made it in one piece. Ahh, there’s no place quite like home, is there??!!!

    Cristina xx

  • Its so funny, I only just worked out the other day, that you were in China! I must’ve found your blog (from Cristina’s) when you’d just gone to China. So I have only just worked out that you were living there. Now you’re back home!!! Sorry, I’m a little slow on the up-take, and am easily confused – so I think it’s funny!!!

    Nadia is gorgeous in her “summery” dress! Is it still really cold in China? We’re off to China in 18 days for a holiday! I was hoping it’d be “spring weather” in the 20sC (70sF??)

    Welcome home! Holidays/overseas are great… but home is where the heart is! (and carpet, and your kitchen and Nadia’s toy etc!!!)