Nadia’s Finding Ad

It came this weekend. I was excited as I opened it because it was going to be the first photo of Nadia and the earliest one we would be able to have for her later. But it was sooooooooooo heartbreaking to see that newspaper. All those beautiful little faces on one page. It contains their basic finding information, a tiny photo and their name, birthdate and finding date.

There are 142 babies on the page! The only word that comes to mind is heartbreaking and I couldn’t help but cry. Come on Travel Approval!!! We are ready to get Nadia and make her a part of our family.

171-H and Visas are here!!!

After much drama I am thrilled to say that our 171H got here! That was really stressing me out, but now I am just glad it is here. This was the one piece of paper that we needed from our government to travel. The original one expired because the wait extended so long. The Visas came yesterday from the Chinese consulate in Houston. That just looks cool in our passports.

So now the next phase is the continuing wait on the Travel Approval from China. As soon as this arrives our agency will confirm out Consulate Appointment with the US Consulate in China and then we scramble to make our travel plans.

We are ready – come on China!

Thankful Thursday

o For my friends Jess and Amy and the great visit that we had. It seemed to go so fast.

o For both of them finally getting home safely as their visit was during the great Texas downpour of the decade!

o For another week going by and one week closer to our Travel Approval.

o For all the friends and family keeping me busy so that I am not thinking TOO hard about the Travel Approval.

o Once again for all those who are praying for Nadia and her health and safety as we wait to adopt her.

o For the continuing good information that we have received about her orphanage and the care that they give the children.

o For my friends who have later LIDS in November 2005 who just found out that their wait is getting ever longer and they still keep their chins up.

o For great Italian food.

The Girls at the Water Gardens


Here we are at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. It was a beautiful day out and we followed it up with dinner at Pappasitos. Click on the photo above to see the whole album or go to the photos tab at the top.