The Stork Has Landed!!!

Nadia Li Yun
Nadia Li Yun is here! She was born on October 28, 2006 and is a tiny little peanut at 14 pounds. She is in the Suichuan Welfare Institute in the Jiangxi province which is north of Hong Kong and south of Beijing. We couldn’t be more excited and just adore her photos.

Here is the basic information we have been given. She is a moderate sleeper, holds her head up when she is on her belly, rolls over onto her belly unassisted. She can visually follow moving toys, she can locate the direction of a sound.

She laughs out loud, loves music, is active and can be obstinate when she wants her way. HA!!

We now move to applying for travel approval to China and should go to pick her up in 6 – 8 weeks. It’s all so exciting!!!!!

Nadia Li Yun's second picture!

Wed. June 6th

Our agency just sent an email saying that they are expecting a package and as SOON as the courier comes, she will email us with the contents. If it’s referrals, they will confirm all the information. Then while one person is calling the families, another person is scanning in the photos. You get your photos by email about an hour after you get the phone call.

The phone call usually gives you the following information : name, DOB, province the child is from. Then the email has it all again and the photos. The next day you can expect a Fed Ex package at your door with all the information in a hard copy, plus the medical records (which we immediately take to the pediatrician for review). Then you sign your docs and Fed Ex it back to the agency to get it all to China. Then the waiting begins again to see when you travel!!! Hee hee.

I actually slept peacefully and a full night – knowing today was most likely the day calmed me down.

19 months since we were logged in…

And no news today. Our agency emailed that they will keep us updated and to try and “hang in there” Deja vu.

**Edit at 2:30 pm CST. 3 families have received the call!!!! I am about to jump out of my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are from a West Coast agency, not Europe. Their agency was surprised that the package arrived and they didn’t know that one was on the way. We have no idea yet if GW has received anything, but they might not get our stuff until tomorrow. Which puts us back at what we originally thought – June 6th.

**** Edit at 5:45 PM CST. Agencies on the East and West coast plus Europe have received their referral packets. GW has not but is expecting a package tomorrow. I am all teared up looking at other peoples photos thinking that it’s US tomorrow! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it!!!!! (I know that I have overused the exclamation point today)

Monday Update

No news today. So we wait.

But I do have a story to share. My dad’s cousin David is the geneology dude for our family and at lunch 2 weeks ago he said, “Nadia will be the 1st of the 8th generation Waters family.” Isn’t that cool? Not just that she is the first great grandkid for Grammie, but the first of a new generation. Awesome!