Thankful Thursday

Ahoy! VBS was great this week! They have one more day, but I will be with my friends Amy and Jess in the morning and then running back up to the church for the little event with the parents. So I am thankful for such a successful and fun VBS.

o For my oldest friends (timewise not agewise) Amy and Jess being able to come to visit me for the next 5 days!

o For our 171 situation finally being resolved (lets hope we get it in the mail by Friday)

o For the families in our church that have been just so excited about Nadia and letting us know that they have been praying for her. It’s so sweet that it brings me to tears.

o For the women that I got to know better this week working on the VBS team.

o For all the effort that everyone puts in for this week at our church and for what it means to the children who have never been to church before.

o For yahoo groups and the wealth of information you can find on very specific subjects, for example there is a group just for people who have adopted from the orphanage where Nadia is.

o For it already being 2 weeks since we saw Nadia’s sweet face. We are that much closer to travel 🙂

It’s been a crazy week, but it’s making the time go fast.

Father’s Day; Anniversary and VBS

Whooshhhhhh! Watch the week fly by. Father’s Day was also our anniversary. We bought luggage for the trip, exciting, I know.

Then VBS started this morning. The kids are fun and the whole thing is so organized, even if it looks chaotic to an outsider. It’s called Summer Seaquest and it focuses on the story of Jonah and what his being disobedient cost him. Not just a lesson for the kiddos, all of us could use the reminder. This will keep me busy for the week and then my great friends Jess and Amy will be here, one from each coast. We are going to do it up Texas style which will include the stockyards and Mexican food. YUM!

We are sending off our stuff for our Visa’s and praying that China gets us our Travel Approval in a hurry! The faster that gets here, the faster we travel to pick up sweet Nadia. That’s all for now.

Thankful Thursday

Life has been a whirlwind since we got the referral and we both can’t believe it’s already been a week since we saw Nadia for the first time!

o I am thankful for the OK City Orphan officer checking out our file and getting our 171H in the mail to us yesterday. Now we have the LAST piece of paper we need to go and get Nadia! BIG, HUGE, GIANT relief!!!!

o For the orphanage she is in being small. It seems they pay a lot of attention to the babies.

o For such healthy babies coming from her orphanage. Overall they seem to be in great shape when the parents get them.

o For being able to send a care package to her orphanage for the nannies and the other children who will be left behind.

o For the doctors thoughts on her medical report. She is in the 50% on the Chinese growth charts, which makes her tiny here, but it’s all good.

o For my friends and family who have just sent the sweetest emails about her and well wishes for our speedy travel. It’s exciting to know how many people can’t wait to meet her.

o For Kaye at church and the MILLION hours she is working to get us all ready for VBS next week with the kids.

o For VBS and the chance to be a teacher. The kids are so fun and we get to show them the love of Christ through the story of Jonah.

o For all the volunteers at our church from people bringing food to artists and teachers. It’s so great to see so many people come together for the kids.

o For packing lists that other parents have posted and shared. What a lifesaver!

Let’s hope the next 5 weeks go just as fast as this one!!!