19 months since we were logged in…

And no news today. Our agency emailed that they will keep us updated and to try and “hang in there” Deja vu.

**Edit at 2:30 pm CST. 3 families have received the call!!!! I am about to jump out of my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are from a West Coast agency, not Europe. Their agency was surprised that the package arrived and they didn’t know that one was on the way. We have no idea yet if GW has received anything, but they might not get our stuff until tomorrow. Which puts us back at what we originally thought – June 6th.

**** Edit at 5:45 PM CST. Agencies on the East and West coast plus Europe have received their referral packets. GW has not but is expecting a package tomorrow. I am all teared up looking at other peoples photos thinking that it’s US tomorrow! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it!!!!! (I know that I have overused the exclamation point today)

Monday Update

No news today. So we wait.

But I do have a story to share. My dad’s cousin David is the geneology dude for our family and at lunch 2 weeks ago he said, “Nadia will be the 1st of the 8th generation Waters family.” Isn’t that cool? Not just that she is the first great grandkid for Grammie, but the first of a new generation. Awesome!

The Baby Shower

The best thing to say is that it was the perfect day! Laura hosted it and my Paula and Roger’s did their usual awesome food ideas. YUM! Laura made my favorite chicken salad of hers on crossaints. YUM again! The cake was fanstastic and turned out just like Jamie from Creme de la Creme described it. Jess and I found the perfect dress that coordinated to all the decorations. Laura has the cutest fortune cookies made that said, “The gift chosen by GOD above, 4 Mike & Lou a token of love **Nadia**” She made a little Chinese take out box for each guest with a truffel (from the Sweet Shop) and a fortune cookie in each. We just thought it was so sweet.

The cake was SOOOOOOOO cool. It looked like 2 presents stacked on top of each other and the tag said, “Our Precious Gift” then there were red and white baby blocks that said A B C and then one set spelled out NADIA. The cake “boxes” had black polka dots on them. Later this week I am going to get some photos posted on the blog.

It was such a blessing to have so many people that I love and care about there (I am sorry for those who were sick today – hope you feel better soon). Some drove some mightly distances to be here and I was really touched by that. I was completely entertained by the comments made on how people knew me or when they first met me. Some were funny and some were sweet, but all fun.

The gifts were wonderful and everyone was so thoughtful. I can’t wait to get all the stuff up into Nadia’s room this week and ready for her arrival! I could go on and on, but it’s enough to say that it was the best day and I will always remember it. Thanks to everyone and to those who couldn’t come who sent gifts for our sweet girl. It’s such a blessing from God to see so many people so excited about Nadia coming into our lives.

**And to Tahni, that painting with the Jer. 17: 7-8 Bible verse was the most wonderful thing of the day. Mike and I were so touched by your gift. It’s the sweetest thing and I can’t WAIT to hang it up in Nadia’s room.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for friends!! Randy, Jessica and the girls are here this week. Mike and Randy are working at Alt-n and Jess and the girls and I have been running around. We went to the zoo, book shopping at Half Price Books and we have been doing a boat load of eating. No good Mexican food in Denver, so Jessica is getting her fill this week 🙂

Thankful for the upcoming baby shower. It’s going to be great fun! I am so excited that I can’t stand it.

**This one is short because we have guests, but we are praying that referrals get mailed from China by Friday so that we can see Nadia’s face by Monday!! I am going crazy here. LOL.