Fun visit – November 2016

Kathy and Rieley came to visit us at the beginning of November and we had such a great time. We ate A LOT of tasty food as a priority. We also went to the Science and History museum where we checked out the exhibits and saw the IMAX about Sharks.

One last goodbye hug before they headed home and we headed for co-op (can you see Dani’s little bow in the middle?). Thanks for coming to see us!!

CPAC 20th anniversary

At the beginning of November, CPAC celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a big show. Some returning members where there and Amelie was very excited to take part. Papa and Grandma Brooke, Roger and Paula and some friends from taekwondo all came out to see her. She looks so cute!

The next morning Papa and Grandma Brooke came over for WAFFLEMANIA before they headed home to Houston.

Amelie had fun doing Grandma Brooke’s hair. It was a nice visit.

My birthday celebrations!

I am a big fan of birthday celebrations – for me and for everyone else! This year I decided I wanted pumpkin pie instead of making myself a cake so we picked one up at Costco. I had to run an errand and when I got home Mike and the girls had a surprise waiting for me. Mike had gone to the store and picked up whipped cream to have with my pie. YUM!

I had a birthday lunch with my friend Laura which was nice because we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

LuluPops from Laura. YUM! I also went out to dinner one night with some of my girl friends but we didn’t take a photo. It was a great birthday week of celebrations!

My birthday gift from my sister Tahni was family photos and I just love how they turned out. Here is just one.