This year I decided it would be fun for the girls to paint their own ornaments for the tree so early in December we headed to Van Grow to paint. Below shows the finished product after they were fired and we picked them up 2 weeks later.

Then later in the day we decorated the inside and outside tree which is always fun.

PJ Polar Express 2016

In December we once again went to see “The Polar Express” at the Science and History Museum in our PJ’s. The girls enjoy doing the experiments before the show and getting their golden ticket from the conductor.

Ladies Luncheon

At the beginning of December the ladies of my church put on the most beautiful luncheon. Each table was decorated by a different woman and they were totally amazing. Here are a few photos.

The meal was wonderful and Rebecca gave a very encouraging talk on Christmas expectations. Later that night, the whole family went to see the Santa Claus musical at Casa Manana.