Nadia’s Clippys

Hi all. We have been getting many comments on Nadia’s little hair clippys from the photos, wondering where we bought them. I got them at Lil’ Sugarplum.

The woman who makes them is named Monique and she is a stay at home mom who was looking for a clip that would stay in babies thin hair, so she made them herself. If you decide to order, please feel free to mention my name as she has a referral program and I would love to add to Nadia’s collection *wink, wink* Anyway, they stay in awesome and it only takes a little bit of hair to hold them in place. Nadia doesn’t mess with hers at all and they are so darn cute!!


I just wanted a hot shower…..

Yes, it’s 4:45 am and we are all up, it’s dinner time you see and our bodies are ready to go 🙂

I want to start by saying that the jet lag is killing me. I feel so off kilter and messed up that I can’t even describe it. Waiting parents need to be ready for this. Mike is doing well and we seem to be doing good as a tag team – one can play with baby while the other sleeps and so on. If your spouse has to go back to work right away make sure that you have someone around for back up when you are just so tired.

Anyway, I slept from about 10 pm to 12 am and then got up to see Nadia. She got back to sleep around 1:45 and I thought, “Maybe a hot shower will help relax me and I can go back to sleep.” I was feeling a bit weepy and worn out and just wishing that I could get back to normal. So Mike is chatting with me and I get the shower going. I take my glasses off – I have terrible eyesight without them – and get in the shower. I start to wet down my hair and feel something on my leg. I reach down to grab it and it moves. Right then I realize it’s a spider and start screaming. I become totally paralzyed with fear and can’t stop screaming. With my limited eyesight I think the thing is as big as a house. Mike throws open the shower door and says, “Get out.” He throws a towel around me and tries to get me calmed down.

This was NOT what jet lagged momma needed. So Mike gets the spider who has drowned at that point and tells me all is clear. I am soaking wet and still wishing for a shower. So I calm down, put my contacts in and Mike says he will triple check the shower for me. He moved all the shampoo bottles and looked all around and in the door hinge. He said I was safe and I asked him not to leave until I was done. LOL. The start of the shower was nerve wracking, but by the end the hot water had worked its magic and I felt better. But as you can see….I am still awake….and planning the death of all future spiders I come across.