Washington DC – Day 2 with Hameloth’s

We started our day with the Hameloth’s at the Washington Monument.

This is a view from the WWII memorial.

Just like the last time we were here, there were very old men being brought by their families or other organizations to see this tribute to their sacrifice.

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

At last we worked our way over the Vietnam Memorial. It’s hard to express how emotional this was to see Nadia standing on Mike’s shoulders to take a rubbing of her grandpa’s name.  It was a very different experience for Mike to come here now that we have children.

The wall was too hot for Nadia’s hands so Logan got on Steve’s shoulder to finish the rubbing.

Dani was such a trooper, but so tired after our very long day together. Steve was happy to hold her while she slept and we waited for the bus.

We had a wonderful time with the Hameloth’s, but the time went way to quickly!

Washington DC – 2016 with the Hameloths

As soon as we knew our dates, I quickly started arranging to meet up with our east coast friends/family while we were there. We started out by spending a couple of days with the Hameloth’s who traveled to China with us in 2011.

First time on the Metro.

We started our day at the Air and Space Museum.

Logan and Dani on our way to the Natural History Museum.

Ava and her Texas Armadillo.

It started to rain when we were leaving the museum and we bought some cheap umbrellas from a smart guy on the sidewalk. He was selling water until it started to rain, then changed out to umbrellas. Much cheaper than buying one at the museum.

Then we had a tasty dinner at Ollies Trolley! It was just as good as all the reviews said. It was such a wonderful day with friends that we hadn’t seen since 2013. They hadn’t met Dani yet and all the kids were so big.

Driving to DC – July 2016

In 2016 one of my adoptive mom friends offered us the use of her condo in DC  for 2 weeks while she had to go to a long work training. We jumped at the chance to take the girls! It was going to take us 2 days to drive each way.

Day 2 at the hotel in Nashville.

When we got to Caitlin’s this wonderful Edible Arrangement was waiting for us. It was wonderful after driving for 2 days.

Morning view from the condo 🙂

New Years Eve 2016

We started New Years by heading to the Science and History museum and seeing the remodel of the dinosaur area. It is really cool!

The girls had a rest in the afternoon to prepare for the New Years Eve party we were going to.