Thankful Thursday

I know it’s late for the TT, but I am still thankful.

I am thankful for the KIDS HOPE USA program and Oakmont letting us be a part of their school year. Today was the last day for mentors to be in the school for this school year.

I am thankful that every teacher I talked to today asked me if we were coming back and I said yes, that they got a giant smile on their face.

I am thankful that we were able to give the kids an educational game for a present at the end of the school year. I hope they have someone they can play with this summer.

I am thankful for hugs from sweet little children. And the sound of, “HI Miss Louanne!!” (Which is usually followed by a hug!)

I am thankful for friends. Our friends the Peyton’s are moving to California and there was a going away party tonight. I know they are going to have fun out there, but I am going to miss Johanna and her beautiful smile.

I am thankful for family. My sisters Tahni and Bayli are coming to visit tomorrow for our cousin Evan’s wedding. It’s going to be a fun weekend to visit with family.

I am thankful that God protected Jon from Alt-n from even worse injuries than he suffered in his accident on Tuesday night. And I am thankful that he should make a full recovery, even if the road to recovery is long.

Last of all I am thankful that it’s already the 17th!!! We are that much closer to a referral now 🙂

Thankful Thursday

It’s already Thursday again! So I am thankful that it’s the 10th and a third of the month is gone. We are that much closer to referral!

Yesterday I was a chaperone for the 2nd grade field trip to the zoo. I had the kid I mentor, plus one other KHUSA kiddo and 2 other boys. So today I wanted to post about being thankful for how AMAZING everything is to little kids. They just get so excited about stuff that adults take for granted. All day long I had 4 boys screaming “Miss Louanne, come look at this! Miss Louanne did you see that? Miss Louanne come over here.” They were just so excited to have an adult running around with them and being excited with them.

They wanted me to see the biggest spider ever and whoa that thing was huge. But we did find out that there has never been a recorded human death from a tarantula. The boys thought that was amazing. I told Mike the spider was so big it looked like something that would be on a movie set. Fake! But then it moved. Hee hee.

I am thankful for the school letting us join them this year with KIDS HOPE. I can’t believe that next week is the end for this school. What a blessing the program has been.

I am thankful and forever grateful for the 34 people at my church that were involved with the KIDS HOPE program this year. Prayer partners, mentors and subs, you are the best!!!

I am thankful for all the people that have sponsored WV children in the last 2 months. The Girls Campaign has gone great and the lives of the children and their families will be changed for eternity. God Bless you all and all the sponsors who have joined up since I became a Child Ambassador in 2005.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for babies! The closer we get – the cuter they get! I have been checking other people’s blogs in the last couple days and it’s so exciting to see all these new families.

And young babies….my non-scientific count after reading referral posts on just the lists I am a part of is 15 babies referred that are 5-6 months old. For you not in the IA world…that is pretty rare. WOW- how fun would that be?? We have been thinking about a year old for so long that it would be a surprise to get such a young baby. But it would be a shocker to get referred a toddler too.

Good thing that we know God is sovereign and that He has the perfect baby for us….no matter what daydreams I am having. HA!

For the success of the KIDS HOPE luncheon that we hosted. It was nice to see people from KIDS HOPE USA main office and to finally meet some directors in my area. The real blessing was to see so many people that care for hurting children and want to do what they can to help.

For the little man I mentor getting good grades last week so he was rewarded with a Happy Meal and me as a guest for lunch. I am very popular with elementary school kids ya know. **It was probably the Spider Man toy**

For my Grammie. She is just the best and should be on my list every week.

For the protection of our house through these last 3 weeks of crazy tornado weather. Mike saw A TORNADO right by our house coming home from work and he could see the power lines exploding as it turned. He got into the house safely and we didn’t get any damage at our house, but lots of things were damaged around us. I wasn’t home at the time and am grateful for Mike’s safety.

Thankful Thursday

I am taking the title of this blog from my friend Terri who does this every week.

All right, for those who were worried about me, it’s cool. I was in shock over the 2 day matches, but I know that God is taking care of everything. This has been a great week and I have been comforted by the fact that we “know” that whenever we get matched with Nadia she will be the perfect baby. This week Mike and I picked out the cake for the baby shower – YUM! We made up a sample baby announcement that is SO cute. I am going to hand make them all and we are going to mail them after we are home from China. We are going to pick a great shot from the trip and include that in the mailing. Why are we waiting until we get home to announce her? Because all her referral photos will be 3-4 months old and we think it will be much better to send out a new one and include our “forever family” date on the announcement.

The ladies retreat for church last week was a great blessing. I got to know some women in the church that I have not spent much time with in the past. The speaker was great and she spoke on brokenness and how God uses those things in our life for His good. There isn’t enough room here to talk about all the good stuff, but I can sum it up by saying that I am really glad that I went.

We sold the van in 36 hours through a free listing on Craigslist! That was cool and easy and I highly recommend it if you have a car to sell and don’t want to take the cheap offer they give you at the dealership for a trade. By the way I am loving my new RED RAV4. It’s the cutest thing and makes Mike very happy because it has all the latest safety features for when Nadia and I are tooling around town. Did I mention that it’s red and so cute? It also gets better gas mileage than the van and the car which is awesome!

Good News Club ended last week and it was a great blessing for me to teach the kids the final lesson. All semester we have been teaching them the miracles of Jesus and I ended the semester by telling them about the greatest miracle ever – the Resurrection. The kids asked some amazing questions at the end. We are having a picnic at the church this week for the Good News Kids, the KIDS HOPE kids and the whole church. It’s going to be great fun to see the kids all having fun together.

Okay, that’s all for now.