Chinese School Egg Hunt

The week before Easter the Chinese Language school that Nadia goes to had an Easter Egg hunt. Before the hunt they had class and made a rabbit craft. Miss Elaine told us that Nadia finished hers so fast that she helped Miss Elaine help all the other children make their rabbits. I knew all those crafts we do would pay off.

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Chinese School Egg Hunt

Right before the egg hunt – Nadia was freaked out and didn’t want to do it. (Click photo to see the whole album)

Egg Hunt - Chinese School

Miss Elaine trying to encourage Nadia to participate.

Egg Hunt - Chinese School

Now she’s excited.

Egg Hunt - Chinese School

Nadia’s class after the hunt.

Egg Hunt - Chinese School

Egg Hunt - Chinese School

They had an adult contest for picking up jelly belly’s with chop sticks. I found I was really fast doing this and now I think I should eat all bites of Chinese food smaller to actually be able to pick them up. It was a fun little time.

School Last Week

Last week we did a lot of goofing off and playing with friends. Which Nadia really needed! She is still getting used to being the big sister to a toddler and what that means. So having some fun with friends who could pretend play and speak in sentences was great for her.

On Monday my friend Tricia brought Elliott and Jude over and the 2 big kids immediately headed upstairs. Amelie was following Jude around unsure of what to do with this little baby. She was also busy trying to get food from Tricia 🙂 Tuesday was our first visit with the social worker to see how Amelie is doing so we didn’t do any school that day. Mike took Nadia with him to the gym Wednesday morning so she could play with her buddies there. Thursday Linda and Reagan came over and the girls had a blast! They had not seen each other since the week before we left for China and there have been tears in both houses asking for a playdate. Friday was museum school and Good Friday. Whew!

Here is what we did squeeze in.

April 18 -22 school

We made a mini book about the Days of Creation.

April 18-22, 2011 April 18-22, 2011

This is a random workbook I found in my stash. Nadia liked the “color by letter”. We should finish this book next week.

April 18-22, 2011

Kumon Workbook – Capital Letters. (On a side note, I took all the large Kumon workbooks apart and dropped them off at Office Depot to be hole punched. They did the entire stack for $4 and I will be able to reuse these for Amelie. And when Nadia needs to do something again we just erase and go again with the dry erase marker)

April 18-22, 2011

This “map of America” puzzle was a gift from Reagan. Nadia put a lot of work into it and was very proud. She didn’t want me to take it apart the next day either.

Amelie has decided that she does NOT like to be left out of school. So here is what I did to keep her busy this week.

April 18-22, 2011

Pretty impressive with the cast I thought.

April 18-22, 2011

The puzzles are a little ahead of her, but she did have fun using the drum stick on them.

We also did some work out of our Critical Thinking Pre K curriculum, but I didn’t take any photos since we do that every week. She is half way through the Pre K bundle. We highly recommend the Critical Thinking stuff for building logical thinking skills.

Chinese School Open House

Open House - 12.18.2010
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Nadia has been in Chinese Language school this fall and her last day was Saturday the 18th. They had class for 2 hours and then an open house with all the classes doing some kind of performance. In the middle of the semester when they had the speech contest Nadia was the only child in the school that refused to say anything so I was not holding out hope even in a group setting. She told her teacher she was not doing anything unless I was with her. So I went up with the class and sat on the floor behind her. In the beginning she had a death grip on my hand but by the last song she had relaxed enough that I could move back to my seat.

She knows all the songs and loves to sing them at home, but in front of the crowd she was a lot quieter.

Open House

Open House

Here she is with most of her class and her wonderful teacher Miss Elaine.

Open House

Museum School – Rabbit & Opposum Day

This was Nadia’s third week of Museum school on Friday mornings. On the way she said, “Is museum school 2 hours?” Yes I said. Then she said, “It goes too fast!”

Here she is on the first day.


She’s in the raccoon room.


It was rabbit day with a REAL rabbit and this is Nadia showing her bunny hop when I picked her up.


Today was Opposum Day which Nadia really enjoyed. Here is the Opposum she made.


And it’s babies!!! So cute.