Christmas Dance Recital 2015

Amelie had her Christmas Dance recital in mid-December and I was the stage mom this time around. We were dancing early in the program so I bought crayons, construction paper and foamies to keep our group busy while waiting through the rest of the dances.

Amelie did a great job and we were very proud of her!

Amelie with her teacher Miss Tish after the recital.

Prairie Lights 2015

The night after the Polar Express we headed for another of our traditions which is to go to Prairie Lights. The weather was supposed to be amazing and with the flooding in the area they were offering a discount and free souvenirs because the route had to be shortened. Dani was much more excited and animated about everything this year compared to last year.

These girls are love each other so much!

We called this the low rent Dumbo ride.

We had a great time like we always do at Prairie Lights including eating funnel cakes and cotton candy. The best part this year was that we didn’t need jackets, hats or gloves because the weather was so mild.