PJ Polar Express 2016

In December we once again went to see “The Polar Express” at the Science and History Museum in our PJ’s. The girls enjoy doing the experiments before the show and getting their golden ticket from the conductor.

Ladies Luncheon

At the beginning of December the ladies of my church put on the most beautiful luncheon. Each table was decorated by a different woman and they were totally amazing. Here are a few photos.

The meal was wonderful and Rebecca gave a very encouraging talk on Christmas expectations. Later that night, the whole family went to see the Santa Claus musical at Casa Manana.

December 26th and 27th, 2015

The two days following Christmas were filled with playing and relaxing together at home. We didn’t do a gingerbread house before Christmas, so the girls did one after.

Kinetic sand, beads and Minecraft Legos.

Amelie got a Hello Kitty Makeup kit and this was her first attempt.

And there was an unbelievable hail storm that lasted two minutes. Later that night a horrific tornado hit on the east side of DFW and destroyed over 1000 homes and killed 13 people. It was a freaky and sad weather day for our area.

Christmas Day 2015

On Christmas Eve Nadia asked if we could wake up early for Christmas. I said, “Sure, what time?” She said, “How about 8? I will set my alarm and wake everyone up.” That made smile and think about our homeschool perks. But when she went to tell Amelie is was time to get up, Amelie popped up so fast she hit her face on her bunk bed and started a massive nose bleed! I didn’t see it because Mike took care of it, but he said it was a lot! Later I found tons of bloody tissues in the upstairs bathrooms and Nadia told me she had tried to help Amelie before they came to get us. Once that was taken care of there was lots of excitement with the present opening.

Amazing presents from our neighbors. Bladebuilders and interactive Yoda.

After all the presents were opened I made homemade waffles for breakfast.

Then while I got to work on lunch the girls headed out for a Nerf war because it was almost 80 degrees!

Grandma Linda came over for lunch.

After taking Grandma back to the nursing home we went to visit with Grammie.

This was Nadia’s gift to me <3