Thankful Thursday

This week it’s the little things all added together.

  • For the mailing tube that someone sent me something in that is the perfect size for the paintings I want to buy in China.
  • For Tricia watching the KIDS HOPE program while I am gone.
  • For Janis watching our house while we are gone.
  • For being on the HOA because that means 4 other board members will be watching my house closely too.
  • For a wonderful group of friends and family who will be praying for us daily while we are on our trip.
  • For our cool new luggage and the cool new packing cubes I got to organize our stuff.
  • For the “cat bus” pin my sister Bayli got me in Japan.
  • For new mentors for the kids hope program who started this week!
  • For our easy access to medicine in America.
  • For gladware containers to pack goldfish and cheerios in.
  • For my laminator to make handy translated cards for China.
  • Lynnea

    Thanks for reminding me to make laaminated cards 😉
    Very much to be thankful for….but my top one right now is having good, fun travel mates to go on this special journey with!
    Lynnea 🙂

  • Laurie Gruhn

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, how sometimes it just falls together exactly right!