China Update- for what it’s worth

China has a national holiday May 1-7th and the CCAA will be closed. The adoption community is praying for the next batch to be mailed before they go on holiday. (Get their desks clean and all that before vacation). It has been posted that they will be working this weekend to make up for being off the next week, so they could possibly send a DHL package Monday. That would have early calls to families coming through as early as Wed the 2nd. If not, the next set of referrals will not come until after their holiday.

I have no idea how far they might get and I am not guessing. Rumors are flying and feet are stomping on all the adoption groups and message boards. I am just keeping busy with the end of the school year events for KIDS HOPE. That is more than enough to keep anyone distracted. Hee hee. If you ever need to be cheered up, spend some time with elementary school kids.

Thankful Thursday

I am taking the title of this blog from my friend Terri who does this every week.

All right, for those who were worried about me, it’s cool. I was in shock over the 2 day matches, but I know that God is taking care of everything. This has been a great week and I have been comforted by the fact that we “know” that whenever we get matched with Nadia she will be the perfect baby. This week Mike and I picked out the cake for the baby shower – YUM! We made up a sample baby announcement that is SO cute. I am going to hand make them all and we are going to mail them after we are home from China. We are going to pick a great shot from the trip and include that in the mailing. Why are we waiting until we get home to announce her? Because all her referral photos will be 3-4 months old and we think it will be much better to send out a new one and include our “forever family” date on the announcement.

The ladies retreat for church last week was a great blessing. I got to know some women in the church that I have not spent much time with in the past. The speaker was great and she spoke on brokenness and how God uses those things in our life for His good. There isn’t enough room here to talk about all the good stuff, but I can sum it up by saying that I am really glad that I went.

We sold the van in 36 hours through a free listing on Craigslist! That was cool and easy and I highly recommend it if you have a car to sell and don’t want to take the cheap offer they give you at the dealership for a trade. By the way I am loving my new RED RAV4. It’s the cutest thing and makes Mike very happy because it has all the latest safety features for when Nadia and I are tooling around town. Did I mention that it’s red and so cute? It also gets better gas mileage than the van and the car which is awesome!

Good News Club ended last week and it was a great blessing for me to teach the kids the final lesson. All semester we have been teaching them the miracles of Jesus and I ended the semester by telling them about the greatest miracle ever – the Resurrection. The kids asked some amazing questions at the end. We are having a picnic at the church this week for the Good News Kids, the KIDS HOPE kids and the whole church. It’s going to be great fun to see the kids all having fun together.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Sad, but true…

The rumors that I heard on Thursday have come true. The CCAA only matched 2 DAYS in this referral cycle. According to a woman who has tracked referrals since 1997, this is the lowest number of days they have ever matched, but it is supposedly the month that they received a record number of applications. I have repeatedly seen that the rest of Oct 2005 days were giant like 10/25 and 10/26. What does that mean for us? For now it means that are definitely not in the May batch. Possibly not in the June batch. I told Mike we need to start telling people we are getting her at Christmas.

So looking over the databases that adoptive parents have set up online (lots of time for this during the wait) here is what we could possibly be facing and what I am preparing for.

May batch: 10/27-10/30 (I am only including the 29th and 30th because it’s a weekend and pretty much no LID’s)
June batch: 10/31 – 11/1 (these days reportedly contain huge amounts of LID’s like 10/25 and 26)
July batch: 11/2-11/5 (and more?)

This would have us traveling around September. Do I really think it’s going to be that bad? Your guess is as good as mine, but I have to prepare for it. We could make it in the June batch, but I would rather think July so I don’t get excited again. International Adoption is unpredictable and we knew this going in, but somedays it can just catch you off guard. So we are just going to make plans and continue on. God is good and we know that we will get exactly the baby He has for us. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that my heart is hurting today.

Will we get to see the orphanage?

Or Nadia’s finding place? Those are the $64,000 questions my friends. I have been closely following a lot of the blogs of families traveling now that were in our DTC group, but had an earlier LID and it seems to be a coin toss. One group has 5 families and only 1 is going to be able to see the orphanage becuase it’s the closest. I really have been praying that we get to see where Nadia was in the months that she waited AND and even more amazing thing would be to see where she was found. It varies, but the most common time is the middle of the night (obviously) and common places are the market-place, the police station door or the orphanage door. Some babies are left in parks all bundled up in an area where people may come in the morning to walk, play games or practice Tai-Chi. Sometimes they have a note like, “This is the 3rd daughter of the Li family and we sadly could not keep her. Please provide her with a good life.” Some notes list their birthday, but most babies you know nothing about.

I think that would be incredibly emotional, but to have those photos for Nadia’s life book and the questions she will most certainly have later would be an amazing gift for her.