Thankful Thursday

Thankful for friends!! Randy, Jessica and the girls are here this week. Mike and Randy are working at Alt-n and Jess and the girls and I have been running around. We went to the zoo, book shopping at Half Price Books and we have been doing a boat load of eating. No good Mexican food in Denver, so Jessica is getting her fill this week 🙂

Thankful for the upcoming baby shower. It’s going to be great fun! I am so excited that I can’t stand it.

**This one is short because we have guests, but we are praying that referrals get mailed from China by Friday so that we can see Nadia’s face by Monday!! I am going crazy here. LOL.

Memorial Day

We are grateful for all the Veterans who have served our country with honor to protect our country and keep us safe. We are also grateful for all the men and women of our country currently serving in the Armed Forces. And thanks to all your families who have made sacrifices with you.

To Matt and Jeff – thanks for your service to our country with the Screaming Eagles (101st Airborne) in Iraq.

Today we remember especially Mike’s dad who was killed in Vietnam in ’69 and his cousin who was killed in Iraq in December of 2005.

There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for the sacrifice that the armed services make for us each and every day.

**Recommended Memorial Day reading – “Beyond Band of Brothers by Major Dick Winters” If you enjoyed the HBO series you will love this book. If you are local, let me know if you want to borrow our copy.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful CHINA IS MATCHING!!!!! What does that mean? That somewhere halfway around the world a government worker is matching us to Nadia. I know that God has selected our child for us, but now the paperwork is going to be put together. I am so excited I can barely contain myself!!!

I am thankful for so many friends and family that can’t wait to meet Nadia.

I am thankful that so many people have RSVP’d to the shower – what a wonderful day it will be.

I am thankful for new friends (Melissa) and old friends coming to visit (Jessica/Randy) and good friends who are moving soon, but taking time to visit with me before they leave (Johanna and Lauren). What a sweet week this has been.

I am thankful for fellow Child Ambassador Nicole who I have never met in person getting 2 “Texas” shirts to our sponsored child in Peru because she is originally from there and went to visit family. You can’t send big packages to the children, so how great is that to have a hand delivery to the WV office down there? WOW – thanks Nicole.

I am thankful for all my fellow Child Ambassadors who take time out of their busy life to share the work that World Vision is doing with friends, family and even strangers! There are around 200 CA’s nationwide all volunteering their time every month for WV. Think how much “payroll” that saves WV that can go directly in to the programs?

Right now I can’t think straight to add more since my head is spinning with excitement.

Baby-brain fog

So seriously, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that we are next! I just want to think about where Nadia is from, when she was born, are the nannies taking good care of her, is she in a Half The Sky orphanage, will she be sick when we get her, is she going to scream like a maniac when she sees us, how OLD will she be? You get the idea. And I have this big to do list that I was really motivated to work on Monday and Tuesday and today, not so much 🙂 My friend Jessica informed me that I am having pregnancy brain and that’s its really okay. I am sticking with that theory.

They had a shower for us today at Mike’s office, which was sweet, with crazy sweek cake (yum!) and crazy sweet punch (yum again!). They gave us the stroller we registered for and a gift card to Babies R Us. That was just too generous. Thanks guys! It seems that when we first started talking about this adoption there were about 8 employees at the office and now there are like 45!!!

So anyway I have a “China box” set up in our closet and as I get things that we need to take on our trip like disposable bibs and diaper wipes. It’s starting to get full, but it’s my organized self wanting it all in one spot, so when the time comes to pack, at least some stuff will be ready. I got this bright idea from another parent who ended up buying a lot of stuff when we thought the wait was 6-8 months and then the wait extended for so long they put it away and forgot. And now that they are running around trying to pack, they are finding doubles of lots of stuff. Hee hee.

We are still waiting on our updated 171 from the US Government. We HAVE to have this piece of paper to get Nadia and I got our agency involved 2 weeks ago, but I don’t think they are having any luck right now. Back in December they moved all orphan petitions for North Texas to OK City. And the OK City orphan officer wanted one word changed in our homestudy update. This word was approved by Dallas in 2005, but we are not alone. Many other parents have told me the same thing and are stalled out like we are. Tomorrow will be 9 weeks we have been waiting. We have time, but I would just really like to have the paper in hand and be done with it. If worse comes to worse, Mike and I will be taking a road trip to OK City to visit the Department of Homeland Security. Fun right?