Amelie Surgery 2015

On July 17, 2015 Amelie had surgery on some of her toes. The banding that affects her fingers was also causing problems with her toes so Texas Scottish Rite said that they could give her some relief.

Ever the fashionable girl she chose her dress for the day. And of course her Ami doll had to come with us. We met the newest addition to the hand team Dr. Stutz and I liked him immediately. All the docs are so great at TSRH and he seemed like a perfect fit.

Daddy helping with a breathing treatment so she could look at her new sticker books. After the treatment and the “goofy juice” they rolled her back and gave us our beeper. They told us to expect it to take about an hour so we decided to go and have lunch in the cafeteria.

I saw this while waiting on our food. Even the wet floor signs are cool at Scottish Rite.

We asked them to wrap the Ami doll legs while Amelie was in surgery. They asked us her favorite color and we said pink. When she realized that Ami had casts too she said, “Did Daddy do that?” Makes my heart happy that she knows that it is something he would do.

When Amelie woke up she was in so much pain. It absolutely broke my heart. They had to give her a lot of meds to calm her down and get her to fall back to sleep. This was the hardest wake up amount of pain she has had in 4 surgeries.

Once we were home and Amelie was awake again she wanted a photo of her and Ami with their casts. She did such a wonderful job and was so brave.