Astonishing Animals Unit Study

Astonishing Animals
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We are still loving doing the Amanda Bennett unit studies. I decided to let Nadia choose the next one and she picked “Astonishing Animals”. This unit was so fun! We learned about Lemurs, Loggerhead Turtles, Wolverines, Komodo Dragons and Adelie Penguins. There were so many interesting things in this unit about how uniquely created each animal was for it’s specific environment. We were able to get a lot of cool books from the library that went along with each day. We also did a craft for each animal.

Astonishing Animals

Here the girls are coloring loggerhead turtle pages.

Astonishing Animals

Making a ring tailed lemur craft.


Our zoo has Komodo dragons.


And ring tailed lemurs (these guys are hard to get a good photo of so I really like this one).

Astonishing Animals

Nadia putting her lapbook together.

Astonishing Animals

Astonishing Animals

Nadia’s favorite thing she learned was the wolverine’s have padded feet so they don’t sink in the snow. And look at the cute little penguin she made.

Astonishing Animals

This was a great unit study to marvel on God’s wonderful creation.
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    This looks like a great unit study!
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  • Nicolenehoughton

    what great work!

  • I need to make a trip to your house so you can teach me the lapbook thing! 🙂