Candy Melt Molds


When we were on our giant road trip this summer I bought a couple of candy melt molds at the Wilbur Chocolate factory store. One was of turtles and the other was an astronaut with his spaceship. I finally took the time to get out the various candy melts we had on hand (when I see them on clearance I buy as many as I can) – red, green and white. I also thought the girls would like to have some sprinkles mixed in so I put those out too.



I also used this as a lesson on how to use piping bags for decorating. Nadia wanted me to help and explain it to her and Amelie refused help (which is typical of their personalities). After the first cavity was filled Nadia was confident and ready to keep going, but Amelie said, “I tink I need help mama!” HA!


They turned out really cute and the girls enjoyed eating them after dinner. We will be doing these later in the fall with Halloween and Christmas themed molds that I got on clearance last year.

  • gt0163c

    Those are really cute (and not just cause it’s an astronaut and rocket ship, although that does help). Bet these would go well at the mission trip silent auction fundraiser at church. And it could be a lesson in missions and giving for the kids (of all sizes)! 🙂