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Amelie April 5, 2011
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Hello all. First an update about the surgery. Amelie did great and is a real trooper. I will do a more detailed post, but they were able to accomplish their goals today and we are really excited to see how it will look in three weeks when they remove her cast. After a 3 hour nap today she was up and about playing and laughing with Nadia. The cast is a bit frustrating for her, but I think she will be ignoring it soon.

Here are some photos and a video that Mike took yesterday to show how well she was using her hands before the surgery.


Amelie April 5, 2011

Amelie April 5, 2011

  • So, so happy to hear this! The video is amazing…great forethought on Mike’s part!! I can’t wait to see how she looks, too! Praying for fast healing and thanking God that she is not too frustrated by the cast. Aren’t kids amazingly resilient?

  • Lynnea

    Pure sweetness……

    She is one very special little girl!
    Lynnea 🙂

  • Linda R

    So happy to hear everything went so well. She is a beautiful precious child. Will continue praying for a speedy healing process.

    Linda R

  • Praise God! Can’t wait to hear more about baby girls successes!