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Global Chinese Education
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As most of you know, we attended Global Chinese Education while in Beijing, so I won’t go into great detail again. They arranged everything for us from airport pick up and drop off to our apartment. They helped get our wireless Internet set up and took us on field trips and out to dinner. They arranged my tutor Kiki to come to the apartment each weekday and so on. I think that we were a new type of customer for them – a family with a small baby.  And a baby adopted from China. Our time there was wonderful and so today’s TT is to share with you a wonderful program they started up a couple days before we left.

Lily from the school and her son joined us on our visit to New Day Foster Home. After going on the tour and speaking with one of the head guys, she went back and told everyone at the school about it. The school then decided to form a relationship with New Day, the first step was to order books for all the children and to arrange for the staff to go and visit New Day.

One day when I arrived at school to attend my Chinese painting class, Ethan, Lily and Nancy wanted to talk to me. They said that Mike and I had inspired them. They said that our adopting Nadia and our love for the Chinese children who still don’t have parents moved them to want to do something for orphans, and for other adoptive parents. So they launched their new program to offer free tuition to those adoptive parents and families who would like to come to Beijing and do the same kind of thing that we did.

I just think that this is so cool!!! Mike and I will definitely be going back to China sometime in the future – once Nadia is a little older, so that she can start on Chinese immersion classes of her own. And I think that a lot of families, who didn’t think they would be able to do what we did, might be able to now. That would be so awesome! To live in the culture where your child came from, even for a brief time is SO valuable. If you attend the school, you will not be in the middle of the touristy areas that you saw when on the adoption trip. You will be able to meet and interact with Chinese people going about their everyday life. And you can experience that life too.

For us it was an adventure, as neither Mike nor I had ever lived in any kind of urban setting. The apartments we lived in when we were first married where 2 levels, not 20 story buildings in the middle of the city. Using public transportation or walking everywhere was new for us too. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

For me it was so valuable to experience China in the time that Nadia was abandoned. Once she gets older and starts to question how and why she became part of our family, I think China is going to be a very different country (not saying that’s good or bad, just different). Capitalist ideas and their opening up to the world for the Olympics is changing China and its people. I am glad that we went now and were able to meet with and talk to people from the country where she was born. She is an American now and will be raised as an American, but we want her to know the language and people of the country where she was born, and therefore I feel this trip and future trips are important.

And if you do go, tell them we sent you 🙂

Edited 2012-8-20: It looks like this school may no longer exist. I’ve removed the dead link to it. -Mike

  • catherinethegreat

    Thank you for sharing Louanne…absolutely GREAT!!! I am so inspired…Hope N is well..CTG

  • Aunt Jane

    It is an awesome thing to think of all the lives that are touched because of you guys!!! You sure are doing some Kingdom living. I wanted to tell you what a treat it was to get a postcard from China. 🙂
    and that baby girl of yours just gets cuter and cuter! Love you guys.

    Aunt Jane

  • This is a great opportunity! I was so glad that I stayed an extra week after the adoption and was able to talk to local Chinese people. I really gained a lot of perspective. We plan to return in 2011, so I will definitely check out the school. ~lmc

  • KathyP

    I’ve said this before, but thought it more than I’ve said it — Louanne, I feel so lucky to “know” a person as good as you. You really make me feel like a better person just for having you as a cyber-friend. Perhaps it doesn’t reflect well on the other people in my life (haha) but you really are an inspiration. Usually I would be loathe to say that any adopted child is “lucky”, but I think Nadia really is quite lucky to have YOU and Mike as parents. She’s going to grow up to be an amazing human being with your influence and guidance.

    Unless, of course, she rebels and turns to the dark side. 🙂

  • K

    Wow! You really made a difference in the world to so many people. The example you set will yield possitive results for years to come.