Amelie’s Layers

The Chinese like to have little children and babies all bundled up. The day we got Amelie was no exception. This is how she was dressed on Gotcha Day.

Layer 1 – sweater and socks

Amelie's Layers

Layer 2 – topped with winter PJ’s.

Amelie's Layers

Layer 3 – Topped with snow pants, boots and a lined jacket.

Amelie's Layers

Amelie's Layers


And we were expected to bring a winter coat and hat for her to take her back to the hotel, which of course we did so the ladies wouldn’t come after us 🙂

  • I didn’t think to photograph our daughter’s clothing. Great idea. Right now it’s safely packed away but I like the idea of photographs. Like Amelie, our daughter was bundled up. We met in the hotel and were going straight to our room. We weren’t going outside. She was sweating so badly when we finally got to our room. Poor little one.

  • Linda R

    Same here and they do come after you. When we went to the notary the women came over to check how many layers of pants we had on our daughter and even though she had pants and snow pants on they didn’t feel it was enough and they let us know.
    It’s so funny now because our daughter will not keep pajama pants on and loves running around the house in her undies even here in Northeast PA even on the coldest nights.


  • Oh my goodness! This is so interesting. Was she sweating then? Shivering now? I love that you documented this. Amazing.

  • Lindy

    What wonderful momentos of her Gotcha Day! Love the checkered socks.

  • Gwen

    So true– Sarah came to us with many layers of clothing, too! And get this– she even had a SCARF! It was a beautiful fall day, at least 75-80 degrees, and she had on a winter vest AND a scarf. 🙂

  • Anne Ivy

    That’s the way it was in Russia, I noticed. It would be a gorgeous day in the 50’s, and people would have their children bundled into snowsuits like Nanook of the North. Isn’t it odd? The couple from Texas, accustomed to warm weather, were happy with sweaters, while those raised in the cold climes were chilly when we thought it was pleasant.

    Never have understood that, to be honest.

  • jen

    Holy moly. 😀

  • Staci

    It’s amazing she could walk with all that clothing on! I didn’t even layer my kids that much when we went to the snow!

  • Hi Louanne,

    FYI, when we were at the CWI last week, we had a chance to see the upstairs. Along with therapy areas, there are rooms for handcrafts. The older teens (15-16+) are taught to use big knitting machines to make sweaters, scarves, long knit pants, stuffed animals, hats, etc. The sweater your daughter was in (the first photo) was made by them. Our son was wearing a similar one at his adoption in Dec. 2007. Just a tidbit of info that we thought was interesting!

    Glad you made it home safely. Your girls look like they are doing so well! We just came home today and I am trying to catch up a bit. 🙂