A Dream

In mid-April 2013 I woke up one morning after having an incredibly vivid dream. In the dream I was at my cousin Jenn’s house and her 3 boys were playing with my 3 girls. It was a really happy dream and the kids were having so much fun playing together. The thing is, both of our families only had 2 kids and Mike and I certainly didn’t have plans for more. I mean we had just sold our crib, given away our highchair, baby toys and all the clothes we had under size 3T. I texted Jenn and told her about the dream with a “ha ha ha!” at the end. I didn’t think about it again until Mike told me the next morning that he thought maybe we should adopt again. WHAT? Needless to say we had a brief discussion, but then it was time for us to go to church. I was completely and totally distracted during the sermon – thinking about my dream and thinking about what Mike said. Then while visiting with people after church a friend came up and said, “Hey Louanne. I know someone who wants to adopt from China and is wondering which agencies have the best reputation right now. Can you get me that information?” I thought, “Suuuuuuuuuuure. And I can use that info too.”

The next day was Monday and I had to wake our girls up for an appointment or something, which is out of the ordinary because we usually let them sleep as long as they like.  I was trying to wake Nadia up when she sat up, half asleep and said, “Are we going to China again?” WHAT?? Mike and I hadn’t mentioned anything to her so I asked her what she meant and she said, “I thought we were going to China again.” I walked into Amelie’s room next and woke her up and said, “Amelie, what were you dreaming about?” She said, “Clowns.” Whew!

A couple of weeks went by and at that point Mike and I had decided on a new agency, applied and mailed our first check. Then I get a call from Jenn saying, “Guess what? I am pregnant. I was pregnant when you texted and didn’t know.” WHAT???

Fast forward to August 2014 and my dream came true with one difference – Jenn and Chris had a girl instead of a boy 🙂

Houston trip 8/2014

Look at these precious children!!

  • Ctg

    Lovely story…had my own dream experience for DD#2..God has wonderful ways of showing us what to do. That’s why I say never say never…love the pictures..wonderful. Take care. CTG

  • LouanneMason

    So true CTG!! PS. I am glad you still come and comment on the blog 🙂