Thankful Thursday

I am thankful CHINA IS MATCHING!!!!! What does that mean? That somewhere halfway around the world a government worker is matching us to Nadia. I know that God has selected our child for us, but now the paperwork is going to be put together. I am so excited I can barely contain myself!!!

I am thankful for so many friends and family that can’t wait to meet Nadia.

I am thankful that so many people have RSVP’d to the shower – what a wonderful day it will be.

I am thankful for new friends (Melissa) and old friends coming to visit (Jessica/Randy) and good friends who are moving soon, but taking time to visit with me before they leave (Johanna and Lauren). What a sweet week this has been.

I am thankful for fellow Child Ambassador Nicole who I have never met in person getting 2 “Texas” shirts to our sponsored child in Peru because she is originally from there and went to visit family. You can’t send big packages to the children, so how great is that to have a hand delivery to the WV office down there? WOW – thanks Nicole.

I am thankful for all my fellow Child Ambassadors who take time out of their busy life to share the work that World Vision is doing with friends, family and even strangers! There are around 200 CA’s nationwide all volunteering their time every month for WV. Think how much “payroll” that saves WV that can go directly in to the programs?

Right now I can’t think straight to add more since my head is spinning with excitement.

Child Ambassadors Girl Campaign

The Child Ambassadors have a goal of getting 500 girls from Cambodia, China, India and Thailand sponsored by May 1st. Poor girls in Asia are in especially difficult circumstances; as families struggle to survive, girls are vulnerable to child labor, sex-trafficking, and early marriage. Boys are typically valued more in these cultures and IF a family has money for schooling or medicine it typically goes to the male of the family. But you can make a difference by sponsoring one of these beautiful children.

This campaign is different than ones we have done in the past like the Gulu Project. The photos of these girls cannot be posted on the internet because of how at-risk they are. So if you are interested in sponsoring one, let me know. I have all their information that I can give you in an email (first name, age, birthday, number of family members). I have 9 children available right now that will only be available for sponsorship through me. 4 of the folders will be good until March 28th, 5 until April 7th. What does that mean? If I don’t get them sponsored by then, they go back into the system to give another Child Ambassador or Independent Artist a chance to get them sponsored.

Mike and I sponsor 2 girls from Cambodia and they are sweet and so excited to be able to attend school and have school supplies. We receive wonderful letters, photos and cards from them. Let me know if you want more information – working with World Vision is one of the GREATEST blessings of my life.