Happy Mother’s Day!!

To my mom. I thought your gift was cool, but didn’t mean to make you cry 🙂 I gave her an apron with a photo of Michael, Michelle and I the day Michelle graduated from college. It’s a great photo from the party afterward. And it looks really good on the apron.

To Grammie. You are the best!

To all the other mother’s that I love. I won’t list you because I am bound to forget someone.

Last of all to the other “waiting mommies” like me. Have a great day!

Exciting Summer!

I am blessed with all the wonderful people coming to visit this summer. Starting right after Memorial Day Randy, Jessica and the girls will be here with us for several days. I have never seen Evie and she’s already 18 months old! Man time flies.

Then my cousin Jennifer will be here for 3 days. She and I are the same age and we are a “bit” older than all the other cousins, so we are very close. I adore her and this is the first time she has been up to Fort Worth for a visit. I usually get to see her when I am down in Houston visiting my dad’s family. She is coming up for the baby shower and of course at the baby shower there will be a lot of wonderful friends and family to visit with that I haven’t seen for a while.

Then the first week of June we should see Nadia’s face for the first time. We are going to be on cloud nine and for those that think I am hyper on a normal day, watch out!

And for the guests traveling the farthest…….Jessica and Amy (my dearest friends from high school) are coming out here June 21st. I am soooooooo excited. One will be flying in from NJ and the other from CA. Meet in the middle for girls weekend! Woo hoo! I have been trying to remember, but I don’t think that we have all been together since our friend Staci got married. I have seen Amy multiple times and Jess multiple times and they saw each other most recently at Christmas, but I really don’t think we have all been together in almost 10 years. Whoa! Mike says he is going to be at the office for 93 hours that weekend! Hee hee. I am thrilled to show them Texas and have tried to convince them they won’t melt as it won’t be July yet and it won’t be over 100. LOL.

Then around the beginning of August we should be headed to China. WOO HOO!