Thankful Thursday + 1

This is one day late because it’s been a crazy week of preparing for the trip.

o For this AWESOME outfit from Tiffany, Miyon and Marla at World Vision. I just started crying when I saw it. It’s the perfect gift for me because of how I adore my volunteer work for WV.

o For the willing volunteers from our church who will travel to Reynosa, Mexico on Saturday morning to spend a week with the Isaiah 55 ministries. They will be assisting the missionaries with the construction of the deaf school and part of the group will be leading VBS for the children down there. Mike and I desperately wanted to go on this trip becuase of the time we spent with the missionarys in January, but we will be praying for them.

o For all the people in the church who are not going, but who gave generously at the Silent Auction and raffle and garage sale to make this trip a possibility.

o For all the people who sponsored World Vision children from China who are sending gifts with us for their sponsored children. One sponsor got a shirt from the Stockyards and one from the Cowgirl Musuem. It’s so fun to think that these kids will get a Texas shirt from their Texas sponsors.

o For everything working out with booking our plane tickets, hotel, tours and more. It’s a relieft that we can just get on the plane and everything is done and paid for.

o For the girls at the Hurst Guaranty bank who have seen me about 12 times in the last week looking for “just a few more clean 100’s.”

o For all the support of the been there done that parents who have offered all sorts of entertaining and helpful advise about the trip.

o For the fact that we leave in just 4 days!!!!

Thankful Thursday

Today was a VERY Thankful Thursday…

o Our Travel Approval came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we wait for our consulate appointment to be confirmed, and then hit the road in about two weeks.
o We have almost everything we need to travel.
o For all the love we are feeling from family and friends. There was a lot of screaming on phones and emails today 🙂
o For the funny story to tell Nadia about how we found out. (see below)

Honestly that’s all I have got for tonight as today turned into a whirlwind and excitement almost like referral day.

**Here is the story. We were in line at CVS to pick up a prescription, and for me to do an extra buck deal (wink wink to those who would think that is funny). We just got new phones that allow you to check your email (not the iPhone) and so Mike decided to check his while we waited. I was bored and looking over his arm when I saw, “Congratulations! TA’s……” I started screaming and saying, “They are here…..” Then I became incoherent and giddy. Mike laughed and calmly opened the email and read it to me. I was freaking out! The other people in line wanted to know what was going on, I was tearing up and showing Nadia’s photo all around. A lady in line wanted to know all the details and even asked us to call her to keep her informed. The cashier also laughed and jokingly asked me if I wanted to broadcast over the PA. Getting the Travel Approval today was such a shocker for us…we just didn’t expect it even though some other agencies had gotten theirs on Monday. We hadn’t heard a peep from Great Wall and so didn’t see it coming. It was really cute.

Thankful Thursday

o For my friends Jess and Amy and the great visit that we had. It seemed to go so fast.

o For both of them finally getting home safely as their visit was during the great Texas downpour of the decade!

o For another week going by and one week closer to our Travel Approval.

o For all the friends and family keeping me busy so that I am not thinking TOO hard about the Travel Approval.

o Once again for all those who are praying for Nadia and her health and safety as we wait to adopt her.

o For the continuing good information that we have received about her orphanage and the care that they give the children.

o For my friends who have later LIDS in November 2005 who just found out that their wait is getting ever longer and they still keep their chins up.

o For great Italian food.

Thankful Thursday

Ahoy! VBS was great this week! They have one more day, but I will be with my friends Amy and Jess in the morning and then running back up to the church for the little event with the parents. So I am thankful for such a successful and fun VBS.

o For my oldest friends (timewise not agewise) Amy and Jess being able to come to visit me for the next 5 days!

o For our 171 situation finally being resolved (lets hope we get it in the mail by Friday)

o For the families in our church that have been just so excited about Nadia and letting us know that they have been praying for her. It’s so sweet that it brings me to tears.

o For the women that I got to know better this week working on the VBS team.

o For all the effort that everyone puts in for this week at our church and for what it means to the children who have never been to church before.

o For yahoo groups and the wealth of information you can find on very specific subjects, for example there is a group just for people who have adopted from the orphanage where Nadia is.

o For it already being 2 weeks since we saw Nadia’s sweet face. We are that much closer to travel 🙂

It’s been a crazy week, but it’s making the time go fast.