• Exgusting for disgusting
  • Extracted for distracted
  • Exstinctly for distinctly
  • “That scared my wits out!”
  • “It left my head”
  • Nadia: “Daddy can’t wear a dress.”

Louanne: “You’re right, he can’t.”

Nadia: “He’d look really cute though.”

  • Nadia was listing off her toys, “Spiderman, Green Goblin, Batman, Joker, Blue Beetle. They’re my crew. I love them.”
  • Nadia was talking to Batman on her cell phone in the car. “I’m not asleep, my mom and dad are not asleep. If my dad was asleep he would drive off the road and into the grass! No I don’t think we are going to make it all the way to Gotham City.”
  • When we finished our devotion and prayer one morning last week I said, “Amen.” Nadia said, “I know what Amen means, I can open my eyes now.”
  • Nadia singing in her room last night, “Amazing grace how sweet the sound. I love my mom of course. I once got lost but now I’m found. I love my mommy and daddy.”
  • Nadia: “What are we doing today?”

Louanne: “It’s Mother’s Day and we are going to church.”

Nadia: “I wish it was Batman Day today.”

Louanne: “There is no Batman Day.”

Nadia: “If he was REAL, there would be a Batman Day. That would be cool.”

(She proceeded to tell the Children’s Church teacher that it wasn’t Mother’s Day, it was Batman Day)

Nadia quotes

I thought I would do a quick post with Nadia quotes for those of you who don’t see my Face book status updates.

  • In our Gotcha Video I hand Nadia her “yellow baby” which turned out to be her favorite comfort toy. We wanted to get something for her little sister and this weekend we let her pick one out at Target. She also picked out the matching blanket. Then she said, “And I want to hand it to my sister in China.” (I got a little teary since she wanted to do the same thing for her sister that I did for her)
  • One day last week Nadia announced “it’s a perfect day to go outside!”  So I sent her out into the backyard. When the neighbor dogs barked at her she barked back.
  • Nadia was biting her pretzels into numbers. She would say, “here is a 2 here is a 3”
  • Nadia was looking for something and all of sudden she yells out, “Great Scott! I don’t know where it is.”
  • Grammie came over for a playdate and I went to introduce a mentor. When I got back Nadia said, “I had so much fun I forgot about you!”
  • While eating dinner one night Nadia said, “No soup for you!” to Mike. She was the only one with soup and has never seen Seinfeld, but we cracked up laughing.

“I need Baby Jesus!”

Nadia was playing with her little people house in the living room while I was reading on the couch. All of a sudden she said, “I need the plane, I’m going to my room.” She comes back and is playing a bit longer and I can see her flying it around the room. She is making all kinds of fun sound effects and trading people out for the flights. Some more time goes by and then she is on the other side of the island (so I can’t see her or the plane) and I hear her say, “I need baby Jesus!!”

This leads to a massive search for him and then she runs back into the kitchen. So of course at this point I follow to see why she needed him. Here is what I saw:

The 3 wise men as passengers and Baby Jesus as the pilot.

Wise men and Jesus