5 weeks with the sweet girl

At Arvel's 40th
At Arvel's 40th

Today is 5 weeks that we have had Nadia. She is doing really well and has progressed so fast. When we got her she was physically along the lines of a 5 month old. In 5 short weeks she is on track with 10 month old babies (which she will be on Tuesday). She is crawling like a wild woman and can move really fast. Soon she is going to realize that there is more to explore downstairs than the area where her toys are. 🙂

She babbles and baby talks to us all the time and is doing really well taking solid food now that she got the hang of the spoon. She loves the Gerber Graduate puffs, but can’t quite figure out how to get them in her mouth herself. She tries to put her whole hand in her mouth, but it’s just going to be a matter of time before she gets the hang of it. Her little legs are getting thicker and she has developed quite a little baby belly. We take her for a check up on Tuesday and should see how much weight she has gained since the 3rd.

Nadia sleeps all night and gets up for a morning bottle. Then she goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours. During the day she takes another 2 naps that are about 1-2 hours long. She is like a little lion with all that sleep, but I am convinced that it’s because she is going 90 to nothing every waking moment. Her 2 little teeth are growing in and I expect we will see some on the top soon. Even when she is obviously teething, she doesn’t get very fussy.

We are adjusting to home life and getting into a routine which is nice. This weekend we took her to a dear friends 40th birthday party and Nadia got loved on so much! Rachel from church came with us as the babysitter. It was such a blessing to me that person after person came up to tell us how excited they were about her after praying for her for so long. It was really sweet and after she got over the shock of the crowd she let some people hold her and she was babbling along as the night progressed. Thanks again to everyone that prayed for her before we knew she was ours and for all those that have prayed for her adjustment to us. She is the perfect baby for us and her personality fits right in – as we said in China, “She’s home.”


P.S. Thanks to Michelle R. and Cyndi J. for mentioning me to Monique at Lil Sugarplum 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Nadia Playing
Nadia Playing (click to see the album)

o For baby time! What is this? It’s the fact that babies can play for hours on end and just think everything is fascinating. The photos above are from Nadia and Louanne’s play time this week.

o For cute little Nadia baby babble.

o For bath time and splashy water. No one has as much fun in the bath as little ones.

o For her Chicco Hippo chair. It’s perfect for feeding her since the highchair swallows her up.

o For Nadia sleeping through the night all the time now! WOO HOO!

o For being a “young mom with child” It’s a whole new life and it’s awesome.

o For KIDS HOPE USA starting up again and all my new and returning volunteers.

o For the new churches in the DFW area that have signed up this year to start a new program this fall.

o For World Visions quick work to help the victims of the earthquake in Peru.

o For all the new babies born to members of our church in the last month. It’s so exciting!

Thanks for mentioning my name…

Thanks for mentioning my name to Monique at Lil’ Sugarplum. Jennifer H. and Susan V. both ordered and mentioned my name, so we are getting free clips. Thanks so much!

Monique also put some photos up from the China trip on her site with cute little Nadia in her clips. See them here:

Thanks again and feel free to mention my name if you decide to order. Mommy’s can’t have enough clips you know 🙂

4 weeks with Nadia and Photos

It’s a bit unbelievable that this sweet little baby has been a part of our lives for 4 weeks already. She is the best little baby and fits into our family perfectly. The wait for her has melted away and we are so blessed by God to have her.

Here are the photos from Joplin:

Visiting Joplin
Visiting Joplin (click to see the album)

Here are the photos from Myrtle Beach and Nadia’s first visit to the ocean:

Beachy People
Visiting with the Bakers in Myrtle Beach. August 2007. (click to see the album)

Here are the photos from Nadia and Jaida’s 3 week reunion! We were going to pass through Augusta, so I called Amy and asked her if we could stop by. The Hatchers were one of the families we traveled to China with, but the girls were from different orphanages. It was a fun little visit!

The Hatchers
3 week reunion (click to see the album)