Nadia’s 8th Gotcha Day!

We celebrated Nadia’s 8th Gotcha Day by having lunch at Freebirds! We also had art camp that morning and she still wanted to go to Taekwondo that night. She was very excited about the amazing history of Batman book that we gave her. We love this girl so much!!


China Camp 2015 – Day 2

We ate breakfast at the hotel and dropped all the big girls off at China Camp for Day 2 then headed out with Dani. Near the church where camp is held there is a dentist office with a train out front so we stopped for her to play. It was really cute and she had a great time.

After the train we went to try out Andy’s Frozen Custard and it was amazing!! Then we took Dani back to the hotel lunch and a nap so we could pick the girls up later.

It’s super cute out Dani tries to join in with the big girls. Once back at the hotel it was time for some swimming.

After swimming for a while we went back to the room so the girls could shower and be ready for their aunt and cousins to come down from MO to play 🙂 We went to Smash Burger for dinner and then back to Andy’s Custard for dessert.

I love this photo so much!!

Amelie wanted them to pretend to be monsters. Too bad her cousins are no fun at all 😉

They played many games of “Minion Memory” and colored.

Amelie, Gwen, Jade, Dani, Nadia

Amelie’s silly face request!

It was such a fun day and so nice for Sharon, Gwen, Jade and Karsten to come down and see us. We love you guys!!


China Camp 2015 – Day 1

This photo is actually from the hotel the night before camp. Bill brought Reagan by when they got to the hotel so the girls could see each other before going to sleep.

Rieley, Amelie and Nadia at the hotel for breakfast before day 1 started.

The opening ceremony lion dance.

The girls all came to our room to play after camp and before dinner. They told us that they had fun and that there were lots of teen counselors this year. Mike and I enjoyed our one on one time with Dani. We wandered around the mall, Target and had lunch. Then we brought Dani back to the hotel for a nap before we had to pick up her big sisters.

They humored me for a group photo before dinner. It was a great first day of China Camp.

Dani’s 1st Gotcha Day

Dani is too little to know what Gotcha Day means, but we celebrate anyway, especially because the big girls love it too. We went to Cotton Patch for dinner and the waitress gave the girls Oreos for dessert which is fitting since we always eat Oreos by the pounds on our China trip 🙂

After opening her gift of new Doc McStuffins jammies, I asked her to let me take a photo. She thought she was so funny and just kept winking.

At bedtime she was all smiles for the camera. We love you Dani!!!