Washington DC – Day 2 with Hameloth’s

We started our day with the Hameloth’s at the Washington Monument.

This is a view from the WWII memorial.

Just like the last time we were here, there were very old men being brought by their families or other organizations to see this tribute to their sacrifice.

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

At last we worked our way over the Vietnam Memorial. It’s hard to express how emotional this was to see Nadia standing on Mike’s shoulders to take a rubbing of her grandpa’s name.  It was a very different experience for Mike to come here now that we have children.

The wall was too hot for Nadia’s hands so Logan got on Steve’s shoulder to finish the rubbing.

Dani was such a trooper, but so tired after our very long day together. Steve was happy to hold her while she slept and we waited for the bus.

We had a wonderful time with the Hameloth’s, but the time went way to quickly!